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    Had this reply from the Marshall service dept when asking about the DSL5CR i returned:- "Hello, The phase splitter was replaced with mosfets instead of a preamp tube. You should have no issues running the 12BH7A in your amp" Didn't get on with the new 5 but am loving my new DSL40CR.
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    Returned my DSL5CR for DSL40CR and happy i did. These were the tubes on the 5CR and ones TAD i was going to replace it with but decided to return.
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    Marshall Dsl40cr Bias?

    I have a new DSL40CR that i returned a DSL5CR for and really like it but would like some advice. One of the JJ EL34's it came with had a bent and slightly separated plate and small loose piece of metal inside. The JJ's are marked 56. What would i need to bias new power tubes to with multimeter...
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    The new DSL5CR has only 2 ECC83's and 1 ECC99 even though its listed on some sites including Marshall as having 3 preamp tubes. The phase inverter is now mosfet. Apparently a 12BH7A can be swapped for the ECC99 according to Marshall tech but can anyone confirm that before I try my TAD12BH7A in...
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    DSL5c - The Ultimate Lo-Power Amp

    I have recently bought a MDSL5C put in a G10 greenback and am really enjoying it. Can anyone give me advice on preamp tubes? I have a jj83s, jj5751, preferred series 7025, mesa str 12ax7, EH 12ax7 and wondered which were best to use and in what order. I would be very grateful if anyone could let...

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