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  1. MilosP

    JVM205C Volume fades away

    I bought a JVM205C (new approx. 12 months ago). It has worked well on both its Clean and Over Drive channels up until recently. Now after playing for about 15 - 20 minutes continuously the volume seems to fade away (not totally muted but very noticeably - very similar to turning the volume down...
  2. MilosP

    Grounding issue?

    I've had the same experience with my Fender Player Plus Strat with Noiseless Pickups running through a Marshall JVM 205c. After setting up my music room in a different room of my house I started getting that annoying buzz/hiss that had not been happening before the relocation. My Band's Sound...
  3. MilosP

    Is one amp enough?

    One amp is never enough. That's like saying one guitar is enough - and we all know that ain't right!!!