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    Anybody else hate brown JCM fretcloth?

    All of the faded to tan Marshall grill cloth that I am ever seen revealed all of the beer stains on them and just looked bad over all.
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    Amplify the 1 watt amps

    Who in this thread opened a portal to The Gear Page? They should be banned...
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    Amplify the 1 watt amps

    Why does every good thread have to become an epic fail...
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    Massive auction of Gary Moore's gear. Lots of old Marshalls

    Huh, seemed like a lot of stuff you could find on a Craig'slist search. Or in my basement. Now if they were auctioning his talent and creativity, I'd be all in!
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    How's this for some early Plexi action?

    Not at all! I could not believe what I was watching and hearing. I was speechless for all the wrong reasons...
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    Western Electric considering adding more tubes to their current USA production

    I find it interesting that once the prices went up, everyone says they are going to get in the game - mostly because at the current prices, money can be made. Would they be doing this to sell $12 12AX7 tubes and such? I hope they can succeed - really, I do. However, how many examples in history...
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    Sayings that make no sense

    This is the first one that came to my mind! It always invalidates everything else that comes out of the user's mouth for me...
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    Hot Mod V2 EVO in Studio Classic!

    The LM has a gain pot and a two position switch for bass cut.
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    Hot Mod V2 EVO in Studio Classic!

    I figured that since the Lynch Mod version is hand wired (reason it was a limited run) it might be easier to change the voicing. From what I was told by the creator, every thing else is on a PCB - no way do I want to fool with that. In fact, I will not even mess with my Lynch Mod. I just don't...
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    Hot Mod V2 EVO in Studio Classic!

    I really like the Lynch Mod version in my 2203x because of the gain pot on that version. But I have to admit that I REALLY like the tone you are getting with that V2. If they did a gain pot on that version, I would be all in!
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    JCM 800 front plate?

    It might be easier to find pointer knobs...
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    Marshall JMP1C -Thoughts?

    All of the 50th anniversary 1-watt Marshalls are decent for what they are. I kept my JCM-1 and JCM-1C. However, what I did notice is that OT transformer size is a thing. I run my 4010 (2204), 1987x and 2203x at 2 or 4 watts respectively on 6AK6 tubes using some special tube adapters. At low...
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    Faceplate peeling on 4010 combo

    Guess it won't ever come off now ;-)
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    Faceplate peeling on 4010 combo

    I don't know how you can remove those without bending and ruining them.
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    Cranked 2204 with OD/Gain pedals doesn't sound good

    I always have mixed feeling on Lynch's tone. Sounds decent in the context of some songs but I always felt that it was too compressed. I was thinking of taking my Lynch Mod apart and tweaking the voicing on it since it's hand wired but a lot of that can be done through the front panel EQ or EQ in...
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    Cranked 2204 with OD/Gain pedals doesn't sound good

    Absolutely! I like the voicing of the Hot Mod better than the Lynch Mod, but the Lynch Mod is not bad at all. I just really liked the variable gain control on the Lynch Mod version. Cranked all the counter-clockwise it removes it from the circuit. Cranked all the way clockwise it makes crazy and...
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    Cranked 2204 with OD/Gain pedals doesn't sound good

    I assume that he would make more of the Hot Mod but he told me that he was out of the Lynch Mod and would not make any more since it was a labor intensive hand wire build. He directed me to stocking distributors to try and my someone that had one in stock. Lucky I found one! Probably...
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    Cranked 2204 with OD/Gain pedals doesn't sound good

    +1 on the Lynch Mod if you can find one. They were limited run. The Hot Mod is good as well to get the 80's gain out of a 2203/4 because a lot of those amps were modded. I have the Lynch Mod because I like the variable gain knob. I wish they would do that with the Hot Mod because I like that...
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    3 channel 1987X

    Agreed, nothing clean there...
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    Best marshall giging setup: combo, 1x12, 2 x12, or 4 x12?

    Agreed! Mine is an '82 (transition year) with the lower plate voltage. I had an '83 4010 with the higher plate voltage at the same time for a while. I always ended up using the '82 because it just has that "thing". Ended up selling the '83 - don't really regret it. I know I would regret selling...

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