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  1. slade

    Avid Eleven Questions

    I’m thinking about getting one of these and I’m hoping that someone here has one. The two questions (for now) are: 1 What brand/type of midi foot controller(s) can I use with it? 2 Can external effects like a wah, overdrive or boost be used before it goes into the input?
  2. slade

    Yet another NGD

    I had to get it! ‘08 Burny LP. Planet Burst. Apparently this finish was a one year thing from what I can find. Already planned to put blackouts in it in a few weeks.
  3. slade

    Quick preamp hook up question

    Hey guys. I wanted to run this by you before I try it. I’ve never used just the power amp side of a tube amp before. If I’m correct, I will plug my guitar into my digitech valve fx pre amp then send that to my pedal board then that would go into the effects return on my amp. I would think that...
  4. slade

    NPD- ‘87 MKlll

    So I decided to add another pedal to my collection. Hopefully it sounds as good as it does on YouTube.
  5. slade

    For fun and nostalgia

    So a friend and I were talking a while back about the guitar gear that we’ve had throughout the years. He mentioned about how cool it would be if we could get some of it back to get the guitar tones that we had in the ‘90’s and early ‘00’s. I can’t remember everything that I’ve had and I don’t...
  6. slade

    Compressors with eq’s

    Hey guys, so I have another question. I’m redoing my pedal board yet again and I was thinking about getting a compressor to go in my signal chain. I do have a 10 band eq in the loop and I’m putting in a clean boost after the overdrive that goes into the front of the amp. If I bought one, I...
  7. slade

    Digital processor effects question

    Hey guys. So I bought this digitech processor which got me to thinking. I’m a old school pedal person and this is my first digital processor besides my old xp100 and some rack units. And with them I just picked a tone and went with it. I think that it would safe to say that most people place...
  8. slade

    A little tsl 100 help please

    Ok, I replaced the pcb. The amp has very little sound coming out of the speakers. I have a few open connectors on the new board. I found a post earlier with a connection chart. I followed it the best that I could but the amp still isn’t working. What am I missing here?
  9. slade

    Any suggestions

    I’m looking at getting something for learning songs. I use to use my line 6 hd150 mostly for that reason but I sold it to a friend that is just starting playing. The line 6 had a aux input and a headphone jack. So I’m thinking about getting a Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 or there amp man...
  10. slade


    I picked this up. ‘09 Ibanez RG5SP1. It was a limited run model that was made for a few months and sold only through guitar center and possibly through musicians friend. I wasn’t looking at getting another guitar, but this one stuck out. I was actually trying to jog my memory on a rg that I use...
  11. slade

    Edge 3 Tremolo

    I know three people that had them and hated them so much that they sold the guitars and bought ones with Floyd rose’s in them. Does anyone here have any experience with them? Are they really that bad?
  12. slade

    Orange Super Crush 100

    Has anyone tried one or own one?
  13. slade

    Man, I just woke my Marshall up!!

    As some of you may know that I bought a jcm2000 tsl back in October. I just replaced the el34’s with e34l’s and all new pre amp tubes. Biased it to 89 and man, a huge tonal difference. It’s still kinda fuzzy sounding. I’m going to have a pro look at it in a few months. But I could just keep the...
  14. slade

    Maryland guys, Where do you go?

    Who do you take your amps to for repairs? I can do the tube stuff but I’m not going to attempt anything else.
  15. slade

    Grill cover replacement

    I finally had some time to replace the grill cover. This is the first time doing this. I think that it looks better.
  16. slade

    M412 Cabinet Questions

    I have this cabinet and doing a little bit of research on the Marshall cabinets. It looks to be this is a fairly cheap cabinet, like a budget model if I’m looking at it right. I’ve never replaced anything inside a 4x12 but I was thinking that maybe lining the inside of the cabinet with some...
  17. slade

    DSL100 question

    Has anyone tried the audio in jack on there dsl100 hr? I had a line 6 hd150 and used it all the time. I eventually sold it due to lack of space at the time. I used the cab or headphones and it was great for learning songs. I tried the orange micro but never could get a good blend of music and...
  18. slade

    Blown Tone Cap

    Has anyone experienced a tube amp that had a blown tone capacitor? If so, what did the amp sound like after the capacitor blew?
  19. slade

    Disconnecting the reverb tank

    Hello, I have a jcm 2000 tsl and wanted to know if I can disconnect the rca wires on the tank and still be able to play the amp? I’m always hearing the reverb.
  20. slade

    Another New Guy

    Hello all, just wanted to say hi and introduce myself a little. I haven’t owned any Marshall amps since roughly’98 and last week I bought a jcm 2000 tsl. I’ve been kinda revamping my sound lately and figured that I would try out this tsl. I know that it’s different from my trusty vht pittbull...

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