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  1. StrummerJoe

    D. Kowalksi 1/2 watt sounds like a Marshall?

    Guess these have been out for about a few years now, but I just discovered it. $349 USD I can see one of these handwired PTP MIA wonders coming to my house....I guess this Dark Gene is the newest version.
  2. StrummerJoe

    Happy Birthday Bonnie Raitt

    Today was her 76th birthday.
  3. StrummerJoe

    RIP Jeff Cook
  4. StrummerJoe

    Motley Crue replacing Vince Neil rumor
  5. StrummerJoe

    Photoshop genius

    Some are better at it than others, this guy is the best. He fixes pictures that people weren't satisfied with.
  6. StrummerJoe

    Loretta Lynn RIP

    I'm devastated....That beautifult songbird of a Coal Miner's Daughter has left this relm. Always elegant, and always classy, report say she died peacefully in her sleep at age 90. Thank God she left such a treasure trove behind for us.
  7. StrummerJoe

    RHCP tribute to EVH

  8. StrummerJoe

    Jaco Pastorius

    35 years ago today we lost a legend. RIP Jaco
  9. StrummerJoe

    Steve Vai documentary

  10. StrummerJoe

    Taylor Hawkins tribute concert

    For any =\//-/= fans, fast forward to 1:12 - Wolfgang covers his Dad's classics On Fire & Hot For Teacher, and does it well.
  11. StrummerJoe

    Happy Birthday Larry DiMarzio

    The pioneer of aftermarket replacemernt pickups is 72 today. His Super Distortion was the first mass produced aftermarket replacement pickup, 1972, and is still popular today 50 years later.
  12. StrummerJoe

    Bruce Dickinson

  13. StrummerJoe

    Fender layoffs

  14. StrummerJoe

    House for sale in Georgia
  15. StrummerJoe

    RIP Bill RusselL

    Bill Russell, NBA legend (11 championships in 13 years), and noted social activist has passed at 88 years old...
  16. StrummerJoe

    RIP Tony Dow

    Otherwise known as Wally Cleaver, older brother to "The Beave" Beaver Cleaver. Aged 77 years, Apparently another statistic for the insedious disease of cancer...
  17. StrummerJoe

    DIO & Rick James

  18. StrummerJoe

    Nita Strauss - Didn't see that coming...
  19. StrummerJoe

    Congratulations to Bennifer

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