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  1. scozz

    Marshall DSL40CR on Clearance?

    Because of all the Marshall amp exorbitant price increases in the past year or so, I wonder if it could be a welcomed price correction? Just a thought.
  2. scozz

    Marshall DSL40CR on Clearance?

    Maybe it’s just a Black Friday weekend sale.
  3. scozz

    JVM or Jubilee…

    Have you ever played a Jubilee 2525x? If not I suggest you do before making the switch, it’s a completely different animal. I mean it has its own thing going on, slightly darker and not quite as cutting than most Marshall amps imo.
  4. scozz

    Cool Marshall video

    Thanks for posting this bud, I enjoyed it! I find the factory tours of gear very interesting. I don’t know when this came out, I’m wondering about the reference to turret boards in the Jvm’s? That never happened, right?
  5. scozz

    Was there an SL-X combo?

    You never really know though these days, now do you,…. You might be a hater just for mentioning it! :rolleyes: :D
  6. scozz

    Footswitch Effect on Sound?

    Effects loops like everything else in the circuit has an affects on tone, how much or how little is anyones guess. And yes you can certainly try a patch cable from send to return in the loop.
  7. scozz

    Was there an SL-X combo?

    How about that!
  8. scozz

    Was there an SL-X combo?

    I’ve never seen one, but I’ve heard that some were made, although very few. I have no idea if that’s accurate or not, I tend to think it isn’t.
  9. scozz

    NAD Marshall Vertical Input JCM800 4010

    Sweet man, congrats!
  10. scozz

    I already have a DSL 20 CR...should I bother with an Origin 20?

    I don’t own either amp, but just from listening to videos and listening to members experiences, it sounds as if these two amps could not be more different. Obviously you already know the Dsl amps are high gain amps, especially compared to an Origin, which has more of a Classic Marshall vibe to...
  11. scozz

    Made a clip with my vintage "Plexi" and my R9

    Great job bro, now THAT’S music man! Refreshing, to say the least, especially from the usual, monotonous, chugging and djenting,.. if that’s even a word, Lol! Just my :2c: Your Les Paul is gorgeous too bro! I love LPs.
  12. scozz

    How to Get the DSL20 to sound like a DSL15

    I prefer the 15,…
  13. scozz

    NCD! JCM800 1936 Cab

    Congrats @Troy T. Blues, great acquisition man! Love those cabs bro! @RLW59 is right about soldering a speaker. My soldering skills are probably the worse around here, and I’ve soldered many speakers in many cabs with no issues. I don’t know about comparing with the vintage ones, but they’re a...
  14. scozz

    Looking for a mid sized amp

    Congrats @Sgrady41, you’re in for a lot of fun! Looking forward to seeing you around the forum. There are plenty of members here that are “old guys” like us too.! Do I see a wine red LP Custom on your wall?
  15. scozz

    Help pick pups & rings on my Tribute - with poll

    I’m with PP,….. You can’t go wrong with cream plastics in a sunburst. Classic!
  16. scozz

    LP Flame

    Spectacular looking LP, it’s almost like a cross between a flame and a quilt, gorgeous!
  17. scozz

    A few weeks late, but NGD for me!

    Congrats man, that LP looks great! Enjoy in good health.
  18. scozz

    How to Get the DSL20 to sound like a DSL15

    I thought you sold your Dsl20 bro? Man, you’ve been going back and forth with these two amps for a while now. It seems all around, you really prefer the 15, but there’s something in the 20 that you can’t shake. Is that close SS, or am I on another planet? :D
  19. scozz

    Dug out the rest of my 1987 Marshall Jubilee 100 W Stack

  20. scozz

    The particularities about Eddie Van Halen plexi 12301

    Some how my post got messed up, I went to edit a misspelling and,…. well I don’t know?

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