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  1. Guitaraficionado74

    Model '1972' 2X12 cabinet: dimensions wanted

    Hello, I am looking for the exact dimensions of the stock number 1972 vertical 2X12 cabinet (made from 1968). Rare as a hen's teeth, so I was hoping any one you could fill me in on the dimensions? (Photo for reference) Thank you!
  2. Guitaraficionado74

    FOR SALE Drake 50 784-139 watt Output transformers (1990)

    Hello, I'm selling 2 Drake 50 watt 784-139 OT's, dated 6/90. Fully tested and working. Primary Impedance 3k3 - el34 50watt - Center Tap: brown Secundary impedance: - yellow: 4 ohm - green: 8 ohm - grey: 16 ohm - orange: common Price for 1 transformer = 350 EUR. contact me for shipping rates.
  3. Guitaraficionado74

    Aging a new Marshall logo - my experiments

    Hi guys, Like many of you, I suppose, I'm stuck with a vintage head missing its original badge/logo. Mine is a model 1987 from October 1969. It came with a modern day official Marshall 6" script logo. But as you know, that looks way too white and clean! So I took to some experimenting. (I could...
  4. Guitaraficionado74

    JMP 50 watt lead - 1976 - specialists: please take a look

    Hi guys, I'm eyeing this 1976 JMP 1987. Could the specialists here take a look at it's guts for me (see photos) - to see what's OK and what not. Thanks a bunch.
  5. Guitaraficionado74

    '69 small box JMP - FEET!

    Hi all, Bit of a weird question perhaps... i'm restoring a '69 small box JMP. It's original rubber feet are missing. In order to search for correct replacements I was hoping other vintage JMP owners could post a photo of those rubber feet (I assure you it's not a fetish thing!). 😉 Thanks guys
  6. Guitaraficionado74

    WANTED: vintage Drake 784-139 output transformer

    Hello, I'm looking for a replacement vintage Drake 784-139 50 watt output transformer for a '69 JMP lead. I'm located in EU, so EU sellers preferred (customs..). Any leads to such a OT for sale welcome. Thank you
  7. Guitaraficionado74

    1969 JMP 50 watt Lead (#1987) questions

    Hello, I just acquired a '69 1987 small box, S/N 30XXA. Good condition, sounds glorious (had a recent check-up by reputable amp guy). Still some questions though: - It has gotten a new OT at some point. It's not a Drake 784 139 like it should be, but it's not clear to me what it is. It's...
  8. Guitaraficionado74

    Dating a 50 watt Bass: serial number date versus assembly sticker date?

    Hi all, Just bought a mid '70's 50 watt Bass #1986. But there are 2 different (well, 3 actually) dates on it. The chassis serial number end with an 'F', meaning 1974. Inside however, the assembly sticker says '16-1-76' (January 16th, 1976). The OT and PT are stamped 75. So, which is it, and how...
  9. Guitaraficionado74

    Model 1986 Bass circuit question

    Hello, I'm new here, and hoping to get an answer to the following: I'm looking at a 1976 Marshall model 1986 Bass amp. The owner has sent me a picture of the circuit board. I see a few slight mods/repairs as far as I can tell. But what bothers me most is a seemingly missing cap (?). Again, I'm...

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