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  1. PaulHikeS2

    NAD: Vox lil' Night Train

    Just picked this up off Reverb. Sounds fantastic through the pictured recently built cab loaded with a G12H-75 Creamback. The bright/thick switch gives 2 distinct channels. Bright for clean-ish with plenty of top end, and thick gives that grindy chimey Vox overdriven tone. I usually run the...
  2. PaulHikeS2

    Cab handle on a fan

    Title says it all. 50 year old plastic handle snapped when grabbing the old metal box fan to put away for the season. Happened to be removing tolex and hardware from an old Kustom 2x10 for refurbishing. Saw an opportunity and pulled the old handle out of the trash, and the old Kustom handle will...
  3. PaulHikeS2

    First cab build - Finished

    Just finished this today - worked on it over about a week. 1x12" mahogany closed back loaded with a G12H-75 Creamback. This is a Stewmac kit - 3/4" mahogany Taylor Guitar off-cuts, CNC cut/routed. I wanted to design myself, but my woodcutter brother is a bit unreliable and I don't have...
  4. PaulHikeS2

    [NCD] Kustom 2x10 - I have questions

    So this is my Craigslist find this weekend. 2x10 Kustom cab in pretty good shape for $35. The wife approved - she said "$35? No brainer." I was looking hard for a 2x10 a couple years ago for the smaller size vs a 2x12, but they seem hard to come by. Couple questions from those with experience...
  5. PaulHikeS2

    Good Celestion sale on Musicians Friend

    20% off and free shipping, at least in the US. Just bought a G12-H75 Creamback for $135. Thought I'd share - sorry if I'm not supposed to post it in this forum.
  6. PaulHikeS2

    DS-1 to the rescue

    Was going to post asking for suggestions for a cheapish <$100 distortion pedal. Couldn't get a good distorted tone using thin single coils through my Fender amp. Tumnus didn't quite get there, OCD started getting too noisy, SD-1 stays with my Marshall, and Rat was way too ragged sounding. Looked...
  7. PaulHikeS2

    ESP/LTD Guitars - any good?

    Anyone play any of their upper but not quite top level imports - say the $1K - 1.2K range? I'm considering one of these: My company has a rewards catalog and there are some good guitars and amps in there. This...
  8. PaulHikeS2

    Styx/REO show tonight!

    Moderately pumped to be seeing Styx and REO Speedwagon tonight, although both bands are a bit diminished nowadays. Two of the few bands I really liked as a ute that I've never seen. Looking forward to REOs set - it's a pretty strong one, but will sadly be missing Gary Rickrath. At least I'll get...
  9. PaulHikeS2

    NGD - Mustang Edition

    So I was gassing but needed to be responsible. Seems I've sold 2 guitars this year, but only bought one, so needed to buy a guitar to keep things in balance. The one I'm really looking for is a 1967 Fender Mustang for no more than $2K or so - I passed one one a year or two ago and I see them...
  10. PaulHikeS2

    NPD - thanks MFers!

    Last week I was going to start a thread asking for recommendations on a simple compact chorus pedal, and came across this topic in the forums: Chorus Several people recommended this: Mine just arrived in the mail today and I can't wait to try it out. Thank to everyone who weighs in on these...
  11. PaulHikeS2

    LGD - last guitar day: Strat edition

    Well - this is my last day with this beauty. I really wanted to like it: I changed the pickguard, changed the plastics, changed the pups, and it never quite did it for me. Also spent plenty of time working on it: replaced the plastic nut - my best job doing that yet, dressed and polished the...
  12. PaulHikeS2

    DSL1HR tone circuit question

    I was reading the current thread about why Marshalls can have piercing treble, and there were references as to how Marshall tone circuits work. @Gene Ballzz said the tone controls on most standard style Marshalls are NOT boost or cut from the center position, but instead "cut only" from full on...
  13. PaulHikeS2

    Building a cab - need help choosing a speaker

    HI! Looking for some help choosing a speaker for the cab that I'm designing and building. I likely will have questions down the road on open vs closed back and wood selection, but I'm starting with the speaker. It's going to be a 12" 16 ohm cab. It's primarily going to be used for a Kustom...
  14. PaulHikeS2

    Why do different amps require speakers/cabs with different impedances?

    Does anyone understand why amp builders require different speaker/cab impedances? Why aren't they all 8 ohm, or why aren't they switchable? My main amps are a Fender Vibro Champ (4 ohm) and a Marshall DSL1HR (16 ohm). If I try a new speaker/cab in one and it doesn't work well, I can't just try...
  15. PaulHikeS2

    What New Guitar Do you Have Your Eye On?

    I'm looking to try out one of these - waiting until a local store gets one in to try it out, then I'll sell my player Strat and Player Tele to mostly fund it if I like it...
  16. PaulHikeS2

    Speaker break in question

    Will a speaker ever break in properly if you don't really push it? Due to upstairs neighbors, I don't turn any of my amps up to the point of getting any organic breakup. I'm happy with the sound from all of my speakers - just wondering if there's another dimension that could be opened up with...
  17. PaulHikeS2

    Is there an App for that?

    Is there an i-type app that can translate audio into chords? I'm trying to figure out the chord progression in "Battle Cry" by Triumph, but am having no luck - I don't have a natural ear for that. Or if someone happens to know the chords. Thanks!
  18. PaulHikeS2

    Is it Hard to Sell a Guitar?

    Had an '16 GLP Studio listed for about 2 months before it sold a couple days ago. VG/Excellent condition, Ebony, with everything it came with when new. Listed it on CL and FB Greater Boston area for $950, sold it for $900. Thought my price was fair, but it took longer than I thought...
  19. PaulHikeS2

    Upcoming auction - worth it?

    Not my cup of tea, but some here might find this interesting. I wonder what this would sell for at GC?
  20. PaulHikeS2

    Fralin pickups info?

    So I came across this set of Fralin pups on an auction site - it was buried in a lot of about 25 music related items. Anyone know anything about these? Bid is currently at $25 with 1 day left. Thinking about bidding, but not if people think these are "crappy" Fralins. If that's even a thing.

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