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  1. Edgar Frog

    Marshall Black Friday 40% Off Sale !!!

    That would be much better than them having our pants 40% off like they have now. :D
  2. Edgar Frog

    SLO MINI with a Joyo AC Tone connected to the return jack ..WOW

    I would think the EQ would be much better in the loop for that purpose. Anyways, I hope to get one of these someday. 😎
  3. Edgar Frog

    The world has never been the same

    Use to love watching Carson, Leno and O'Brien w/Richter but never got into Letterman. IMHO the world has never been the same after Joe Camel got banned. It's been a downward spiral Snowflake fest ever since.
  4. Edgar Frog

    Marshall Black Friday 40% Off Sale !!!

    Wish they had a nice old-school style foam front, mesh trucker hat though. The ones they have don't interest me. Not that I'd buy it though when shipping is like $15 just for a hat. That's more than the hat costs right now. lol
  5. Edgar Frog

    Chasing Allen Collin's Tone. Pick help

    Maybe try the Herco's then. They are a more vintage Nylon pick and made from a different type of Nylon than the Dunlop Nylons. They were popular in the 60's and 70's.
  6. Edgar Frog

    Chasing Allen Collin's Tone. Pick help

    Ultex and Tortex are not made of Nylon, so I would start with some actual Nylon picks like the Dunlop Nylons or Herco Nylon. Never used any Bulseyes myself and I see the greens were only .05mm according to an old Mel Bay page on Amazon. I never knew they made picks that thin. So I would start...
  7. Edgar Frog

    Happy Thanksgiving guys.

    Happy thanksgiving everyone!
  8. Edgar Frog

    Where to sell amps, etc.?

    I just donate old gear.
  9. Edgar Frog

    Moving everything into what I will call the "boom boom room", maybe leave the Marshall head/cab/Les Paul in the living room?

    I think he's just making a music room, not an isolation room. At least that's what I got from it. :)
  10. Edgar Frog

    Moving everything into what I will call the "boom boom room", maybe leave the Marshall head/cab/Les Paul in the living room?

    I've always been one to keep everything tucked away out of sight in its own space away from the main living space. I especially want it all out of sight from the main entries where delivery people or strangers could see when at the front door or even coming in the house for whatever reason. I...
  11. Edgar Frog

    Suggestions for good horror movies to watch?

    Have to mention the dates not knowing what ones have been remade The Exorcist (1973) The Omen (1976) Salem's Lot (1979) Poltergeist (1982) A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) Pet Sematary (1989) It (1990) Children Of The Corn (1984) The Lost Boys (1987) Child's Play (1988) Christine (1983)...
  12. Edgar Frog

    Thoughts on Crate/Blackheart/LOUD Technologies

    As big of a fan as I am of Crate amps I still kick myself for never buying a Blackheart or 2. I'd never buy one nowadays though since I'm sure 99% of them have been modded/molested.
  13. Edgar Frog

    I just don't understand why marshall isn't selling low wattage amps as they could litteraly milk a new era of marshall users...

    I did a quick check and they have them all (SC, SV, Jube) in stock at both American Musical and Sweetwater. I only checked on the heads.
  14. Edgar Frog

    Attenuator Thread

    PSA I guess this is a good place as any to post this? Sweetwater has a Black Friday deal going on for the Bugera PS1 100 Attenuator for only $49 right now. I have no use for an attenuator myself but figured others may want to jump on the deal while they can. :)...
  15. Edgar Frog

    NPD! Analog.Man Sunface BART

    Happy NFD! Got to love the name. LOL It's great when you get gear and exceeds expectations. 😎 Sorry for random post but this reminds me of one of our local fire trucks that's named BART. It's supposed to stand for Big Ass Red Truck. lol
  16. Edgar Frog

    Installing a Weber minimass attenuator. I need a how to.

    The ones on the left are TRS so I would not get those. The ones on the right are regular speaker cables and are fine. hen you buy speaker cables go for ones that have the big bulky connectors that are larger than your standard instrument cables. That makes them super easy to tell one from the...
  17. Edgar Frog

    Floyd Rose Intonation Problem (Help?)

    I prefer Floyd's over anything else because of how rock solid their tuning is.
  18. Edgar Frog

    Floyd Rose Intonation Problem (Help?)

    I always tune and intonate with the guitar in a playing position just because it is just a habit for me. Plus I think it's just easier that way. The issue you're talking about is really only an issue with a Floating Floyd though. They have so much mass on the bridge that they will change pitch...
  19. Edgar Frog

    Survivor - I Can't Hold Back

    Love Survivor! It's amazing you made it this long without hearing this. I loved both of their singers they had. This video really makes me miss my parachute pants (I absolutely loved those things) and the 80's. 😎
  20. Edgar Frog

    Learning: Books vs. Online

    Books all the way for me. I want nothing to do with a computer when it comes to playing/practicing or learning songs or anything else.

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