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  1. Elliot Twist

    Marshall JVM410H w/2X12

    This is my first Marshall JVM410H amp head. I have a Marshall MX212 loaded with one V30 and one GK12-100. That's what I use at home along with a Bugera PS1 Power Soak. I've been satisfactorily running the Marshall DSL100HR live in a local cover band. Post some settings and tips. I will try...
  2. Elliot Twist

    Marshall DSL40CR

    I'm satisfied with my Marshall DSL40CR loaded with the stock Celestion V-Type speaker. I'm starting this thread to post your amp settings for "what made it work" with the stock Celestion V-Type speaker. It might help confusion and reduce inconsistent results if you also mention what guitar and...
  3. Elliot Twist

    2X12 Cab for DSL40CR

    My live rig is a Marshal DSL100HR with a 4X12 cab (loaded with 2 Celestion V-30's on the top and 2 Celestion G12K-100's on the bottom), my home studio rig is a Marshall DSL100H (a Bugera PS1 power soak) with a 2X12 Marshall MX212 cab loaded with 1 Celestion V-30 and 1 Celestion G12K-100. I just...
  4. Elliot Twist

    DSL20CR MOD to allow insert of FX to ONLY the Classic Gain Channel

    Is a mod feasible that would allow me to have an insert (like an effects loop) somewhere proper on the input of ONLY the Classic Gain Channel. So that I can run some effects, at least a tube Overdrive, on the Classic Gain Channel. When I switch channels I DO NOT want that chain to be present on...
  5. Elliot Twist

    Marshall Dsl 100h And Dsl100hr

    I have both and play in a working hard rock cover band. I just got the 6-button footswitch for the DSL100HR from Andertons UK for $132 total cost to Ohio in the U.S. FYI : a Marshal amp of your choice is right for a hard rock cover band. Here's a shot of my "home rig" /with the 2019 Ibanez...
  6. Elliot Twist

    Dsl100h, Mx212, Power Soak

    Anyone ever run a fan on your Power Soak ? Mine gets pretty hot after 20 minutes of playing. If I used it live I wonder the outcome after 4 hours. Behringer PS1 Power Soak. MX212 reloaded with one Celestion Vintage 30 and one Celestion G12-K100 Channel volumes @ about 2:00 o'clock. It sounds...
  7. Elliot Twist

    Pod Hd500 Midi Control Of Marshall Dsl100hr

    Can anyone help me to understand and control a Marshall DSL100HR 100 watt guitar amp head using my POD HD500? I'm currently using the POD HD500 on the FX Loop of the amp for any effects necessary without amp models engaged. Mostly : Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Reverb, Pitch Shift, EQ, and Volume...

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