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  1. David Szabados

    Current source replacement DSL 100 boards?

    I’ve got a 1998 JCM 2000 I’m looking at with the bias going off the charts. I’m seeing rhe bias drift issue and thinking it’s time to replace the board, but I can’t find any in stock. Anyone have a source or know of a supplier? Thanks!
  2. David Szabados

    Hot Mod V2 Evo “PSA” Product Update

    I posted this at our site in July but realized a little late to share here! But this is for current Hot Mod V2 owners or those considering one in the future: Recently we’ve played around with different tube combinations and so going forward, all units shipping from July 2021 forward will be...
  3. David Szabados

    WTB: 1968 Super Lead or Super Bass 12-series serial

    Not many come up for sale, so if you have one, reach out: [email protected] Thank you!
  4. David Szabados

    Has anyone ever seen a 1975 Marshall 2203??

    I have a theory that the first Marshall master volumes that came in 1975 were ONLY the 2204 50 watt models that were not cascaded, and it was 1976 when we first saw the 100 watt 2203s in production. I’ve only seen H serial number model 2203s. Anyone ever see or own a 1975 2203 with a G serial...

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