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    Why no arrogant posters in here?

    Well so far, but I'd say most if not all the places I post on the net.......people are so soft and get butthurt over any little thing you say. serious about everything, never wrong and pretend they are so intelligent on every issue. now me, I'm a dork with a little common sense that's got me...
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    James Webb Space Telescope?

    So no aliens out there, so disappointed.
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    Would like your thoughts on this neck.

    Yes, this is a very cheap neck and I bought it knowing that. most times on these it's crap fret jobs.. so I really don't care as I probably will move to something else. the shame is the neck other than this is very nice. the problem is, frets 17-22 are off pretty I'm sure it's the...
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    Anyone use an OTA antenna?

    I'm new so not sure I have the right to make a thread, but it let me so just wondering. few years ago, dumped the cable box BS, built an antenna and now just use an internet connection and a couple streaming apps. I live in an area that allows me to pull in like 70 channels which is fine with...

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