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  1. Gutch220

    JCM900 1936 cab (MDF throughout) and Kemper - sounds EXCELLENT!

    none of them should be (minus the rear panel) but in NYC where you need portability, this set-up is a must.
  2. Gutch220

    "Pointer" knobs??

    what I see is, the knob I posted had a little point at the bottom......but the the previous photo shows a full line/ridge along the whole side of the knob. I've always thought the one that I posted is the "pointer knob". Also, the one I posted has a set screw while the other photo with the whole...
  3. Gutch220

    "Pointer" knobs??

    There are also THESE pointer knobs which are different from the ones pictured above. Maybe somebody can clarify
  4. Gutch220

    Can the Marshall JCM 800 2210 be used as a 50-watt head with only two power tubes?

    yup.......the amp knob will be 4 ohms but the speaker cabinet will be 8 ohms
  5. Gutch220

    Can the Marshall JCM 800 2210 be used as a 50-watt head with only two power tubes?

    just to avoid confusion I see here, and feel free to correct me..... If you were at 4-tubes at 16-ohms, then you remove two tubes and turn the amp to'd still want a 16-ohm load. You just need to "half" the amp's impedance while keeping the same speaking load.
  6. Gutch220

    The service guy f*cked up my JCM 800

    remove the reverb tank from the amp (unplug it) and see what happens. it's possible a spring came loose in his horse & buggy. if you need to replace the tank, this is an easy/cheap swap.
  7. Gutch220

    ‘78 JMP 2203 Impedance Selector

    based on your 3rd photo (as I see it, upside-down)......connecting the center to the 12:00 input is 8 to 8:00 is to 4:00 is 16-ohms. It makes more sense with a window on the knob to see the number. Of course, this all assumes the internal wiring is correct.
  8. Gutch220

    WTB: Dagnall Choke

    as an off-topic, can somebody explain to me like I'm a 5-year old, what's the difference between a choke and a transformer?
  9. Gutch220

    Variac safety

    Can you turn on an amp without any power tubes and/or pre-amp tubes and do damage? (both, or just power tubes, or just pre-amp tubes) What would happen if you just removed either type?
  10. Gutch220

    Variac safety

    Why would you want to remove the tubes first? Is this 'needed' If so, just the power tubes, or the pre-amp tubes as well?
  11. Gutch220

    A question for the older folk

    and yet somehow, MTV out-did themselves and become worse (aka irrelevant)
  12. Gutch220

    Having bad luck

    you might have a damaged ulnar nerve in your elbow that affects your pinky finger and pinky-side of your ring finger. This will likely go away by itself over time but it'll take a while.I have/had the same thing and it...
  13. Gutch220

    Hello, I'm James.

    Hello, I've been a big fan of your berries for a long time. 🍓
  14. Gutch220

    This ought to piss a few of you off…

    I hate when people start talking about pulp variations........but completely ignore the fact that they are 40+ year old speakers which have all been broken in differently. I'd think broken-in versus non-broken-in would sound WAY more different than pulp. I can confirm that the blackbacks have...
  15. Gutch220


    it's good that you fixed it, to see if you can, but I'd personally never put this is any amp, or at least any decent amp of value......especially if a new one can be obtained for $15.
  16. Gutch220

    Marshalls JCM800 2203/2204 or dual channels 2205/22010?

    this is true, but I don't think it's a bad thing to have this discussion saved for years & years, for posterity. Maybe somebody 14 years from now will stumble upon this. I've already searched for things that turned out to be from forums form the early 2000's and the information was still useful.
  17. Gutch220

    What ODs Are You Guys Using in Front of Your Marshalls

    Strictly overdrive speaking (no true distortion or fuzz), I like using a Maxon OD-9, and a Boss Blues Driver, but I think a lot of people are talking about using a transparent overdrive that doesn't color the tone. There are lots of those out there. I've heard good things about the MXR Sugar...
  18. Gutch220

    Sound difference between 900 DR and SL-X

    yea, I've owned one for decades, keep fresh, properly-biased tubes, and play through several different speaker pairs, and it's great, very versatile. I can't believe they came out 30 years ago, that's about the same time when the first marshalls came out relative to the release of the JCM900...
  19. Gutch220

    I want to fatten up the tone of my stock 2203.

    If you don't want to mod anything......try using different speakers, this will make a difference. A darker speaker would be a Celestion Redback. They're definitely darker than greenbacks, or especially Vintage 30's, g12T-75's, etc.
  20. Gutch220

    Humans on the Moon again?

    i can't believe it takes them years to do something that was already done 50 years ago. maybe the next test is to see if ants can sort tiny screws in space.

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