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    5E8A Amp Clone Build

    Just completed my latest and last amp build (I'm 68 years old and have built a Fender 5F6A, Fender 5F1, Trainwreck Express, and heavily modified a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue, and Fender Champion 600 Reissue. I think that's enough.), a Fender 5E8A head. All my builds have been based on Weber's...
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    Amp Noise

    One of my amps has started making a soft crackling noise. The noise sounds like a combination of static and rustling leaves. The amp in question is a Weber 5F1 Champ clone that I built about 5 years ago. It is modified with a 5F2A tone stack replacing the low level input jack. Speaker is a...
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    My "Custom Shop" Strat

    In 2010, the Fender Custom Shop created this Strat. Candy Apple Red over a gold basecoat with a gold anodized aluminum pickguard and maple neck. This is my "Custom Shop" replica. Based on a 2016 Classic 50's Lacquer Strat. Candy Apple Red over a gold basecoat with a gold anodized aluminum...
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    Need To Build Another Amp

    I am retired and build vacuum tube guitar amps as a hobby. To date I have built a 5F6A Bassman clone, a Trainwreck Express clone (played through a Marshall 1960a Lead cabinet loaded with G12M-65 Creambacks), and a 5F1 Champ/5F2A Princeton hybrid. I have also modified the Fender Champion 600...
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    1960a Lead

    Picked up this 1960A Lead at my local pawn shop. Thing is in like new condition. Just needed to be dusted off. Back panel screws never been touched. Cost me $450. I find the G12T-75 speakers to be too scooped so considering swapping them for G12M-65 Creamback's. Already have an old Crate cab...
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    I got to play the real Goldie

    Just got back from TDY in Monterey, CA. During my limited free time (a short day was 12 hours), I made it over to Rumble Seat Music in Carmel-By-The-Sea. I saw a Gibson "Goldie" on display on the wall and asked if it was the Custom Shop version. I was told no, it was the real one. I...

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