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  1. RCM 800

    RIP Steve Grimmet

    RIP, man its been a minute since I heard them. Nick is such a soft spoken old gentleman now its easy to forget he was a real rocker back in the day.
  2. RCM 800

    ‘78 Marshall 2203 Photo Dump

    50th anniversary of the 2203 is coming up. Wish Marshall would re-release the JMP type 2203/04 for the anniversary, or just because they look better lol.
  3. RCM 800

    need advice- best Marshall for funk band

    Dont know whats in your stable OP but I could do it with most any marshall. Low input 2203/04 frikkin spanks if you crank it.
  4. RCM 800

    Guitars: Best value for money

    I think mine was an '89. Played it for about 3 years I think. Great quality and engineering but the super thin neck did weird shit to my wrist/hand. Might have been my technique was/is bad, I dunno but it really messed with my hand. Going to thicker neck guitars resolved it though. If Ibanez...
  5. RCM 800

    What will you do when TSHTF?

    Nice, Alabama Hills with Whitney in the back?
  6. RCM 800

    What will you do when TSHTF?

    yep were the closest weve been since 1941 and no one even sees it.
  7. RCM 800

    Plexi volume boost for leads?

    I should also ask are you the only guitar player or more than one? Reason I ask is whenever Ive been in bands with other guitarists I always tried to carve out a different sonic place than the other player. Like if they were playing strat type guitars Id use a les paul and vice verse. Also helps...
  8. RCM 800

    Plexi volume boost for leads?

    Maybe try cutting for rhythm instead of boosting for leads. Like get everything where you want it for leads and then use the EQ to cut back the volume for rhythm.
  9. RCM 800

    Is anybody actually buying speaker cabs new?

    I bought my 1960BV like 20 years ago new. Never felt the need to own another. Most of the time I gig 1x12s or combos anyways. Been actually thinking about picking up a 2x12 but if I do Avatar is only a 30 minute drive from here and I will get what I want.
  10. RCM 800

    New Amp day.

    grats man, sure youll love it. Make sure you keep an eye on the bias they are known to have issues sometimes. There are threads around this forum about it.
  11. RCM 800

    Which Marshall Signature Amp would you choose?

    Ive never gotten to play any of them so honestly I couldnt say. Im sure I wouldnt mind the 2203 types if not for the horrible graphics. Maybe the Hendrix/RR/YJM. I dunno. AFD sounds appealing lol.
  12. RCM 800

    Megadeth, Megadeth, Aguante Megadeth!

    Got to see megadeth a couple times, so great. One of my favorite chants was at a Metallica show. We went to the last show of their stint at Irvine and it was fun as hell. I think it was the last night of the last stop on the AJFA tour. Not sure which night this was from but its from the same venue.
  13. RCM 800

    PSA: if you are selling a Les Paul

    I had a White Les Paul Custom, like around an '08 I think. Weighed 12 pounds. We called it El Doce lol. Played one four hour gig with it and sold it to fund a '98 R7 Custom at around 9 pounds. I didnt think it would be a big deal but when you have your own gear, the PA to contend with and all...
  14. RCM 800

    Thoughts on the Marshall JCM2000 DSL401?

    I really liked mine. Was my main grab and go for a couple years back around '08ish. Traded it to a friend who needed an amp and it broke down soon after. I actually never knew they were known for it.
  15. RCM 800

    What will you do when TSHTF?

    The fam are working on developing means of being more self sufficient. Have chickens that lay a surplus so we sell those eggs to offset the feed costs. Chickens are also devastating to bugs. Unfortunately in letting them range it seems their fave hang spot is the back porch where they like to...
  16. RCM 800

    Will a “Super 800” ever come out?

    I have a TSL and I found I only ever really used the crunch channel and thought "why do I need all this extra stuff?". I have never been happier since changing to single channel amps. My first was actually an orange tiny terror. It taught me to use the volume on the guitar for cleans. After that...
  17. RCM 800

    Trade offer... What do you guys think?

    I'd play the amp. Mojo makes good stuff. Find out who built it. Mojo offers in house builds but it could also be home built. I would look at the price of a kit and compare the cost to an SV and then ask for the difference in cash if you like the amp.
  18. RCM 800

    1960A with JCM800 experiences

    Be careful running that head into the 2x12. Its right over the edge of being maxed out if you push the volume up high.
  19. RCM 800

    BOSS Katana Fan Club

    I picked up a mini as a stopgap while I had all my real amps in storage for my move. It is good but there is just something missing so that after a while I really started to miss my tube amps. I tried the 50 combo and I didnt connect with it at all which sucks because I really wanted to like...
  20. RCM 800

    Back onto this 1960AV, still isn't right.

    I would check the ohms on the cab and if its off check the ohms on all the individual speakers just to make sure there isnt actually a problem. As Gene said you just might not like A cabs but doesnt hurt to check ohms.