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  1. Dblgun

    Marshall Push On Knobs

    While looking for something else I came across these push on knobs that look good for anyone who may be in need. Seems like a pretty good deal. I have no interest or affiliation.
  2. Dblgun

    Trainwreck Express clone

    A friend has been talking about wanting an Express circuit for some time. He finally wore me down and I agreed to follow him down the rabbit hole! I'm going to build him one and a second with some changes. I'm going to stay pretty true to Ken Fischer's design and implementation because otherwise...
  3. Dblgun

    Nice score today.

    I picked up another HV power supply today for what I thought was a pretty good deal. It is a Heathkit IP-17 which I wanted to use to reform some caps I've had on the shelf for a long time. Got it home and pulled the top off to give it a once over. What I found made me smile. It's full of...
  4. Dblgun

    Ceriatone 50W Lead Red Tolex $1500+shipping

    Ceriatone 50W Lead Head based on 69 1987 circuit. Push-pull switches for bright cap and V2 cathode cap and a PPIMV. $1500 +shipping and will ship in original shipping box from Ceriatone.
  5. Dblgun

    Marshall Major with KT120's

    Sorry if this has been posted before. I did a brief search and did not see that it had. I'm not familiar with Dave Weyer but this Major is heavily modded but in a very clean manner. Reminds me of something someone with a military electronics background would perform. I thought the work and tube...
  6. Dblgun

    Grid leak/bias splitters

    Marshall's were sold for a period of time with 6550's in the U.S. market reportedly due to fragility of EL34's at the time. The current required by the two tubes differed and therefore 6550 equipped amps used a 47k bias resistor and 150k Grid leak resistors while EL34's 56k and 220k's with a few...
  7. Dblgun

    Christmas came early

    My son surprised us and showed up at the house last night. He's in the Navy and stationed out east so we did not expect to see him! He brought me a Christmas present, I hadn't seen these and was really imprressed with the detail! The switches and pots work/turn! Super cool addition to my work shop.
  8. Dblgun

    Bluesbreaker Circuit in a Fender package

    With all the projects I see everyone working on I was getting jealous! I've been perusing the schematic for a JTM45 circuit with tremolo (Bluesbreaker). I figured I had most of what would be needed to complete something close as long as I used transformers I already had. I really don't need...
  9. Dblgun

    Tedeshi Trucks Band

    Had the opportunity to catch the Tedeschi Trucks Band last night. They put on a fantastic show, played for 3 hours. The entire band was top notch, Susan was great and Derek was on fire! If you get a chance to catch them while they're out you won't regret it.
  10. Dblgun

    Marshall's Change To Pc Board..

    I picked up my latest 50w JMP with the intent of experimenting with different mods and component changes. Being that it is a PCB version I had initially added some small turrets to the locations where I intended to experiment with different component values. This worked out very well but I...
  11. Dblgun

    76 Jmp 50 Bias Questions

    First post here, have been reading the forum for a while though. Need some help with bias question and looked through a number of posts before asking but didn't find anything specific to my question. If I missed the answer in another post let me know and I'll check that post for the answer. I...