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  1. RCM 800

    NAD JCA800 Handwired

    Well it finally arrived. Im pretty happy it sounds the way its supposed to. The cosmetics are great and the lead boost function works good. The high gain mod makes no difference that I can tell so thats a bit of a bummer. They crammed what is essentially a 2204 into a headbox the size of an...
  2. RCM 800

    NGD Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe IV

    Saw this guitar for like $1800 with a bunch of pedals and a little fender SS amp a few weeks ago on FB and saved it. Thought it was a high price but thought Id wait and see. Today I looked again and he went down to $1200 which I thought was fair considering he threw in about $400 worth of pedals...
  3. RCM 800

    NGD Charvel San Dimas

    Saw this pop up on FB today for $550 and immediately messaged him I wanted it. Have wanted a guitar logo Charvel pretty much my whole guitar playing life. Not sure on the year. Owner said 90's but Im pretty sure this is newer than that. Its a MIM Charvel San Dimas (I think).
  4. RCM 800

    attenuation decibels to watts?

    I have a attenuator (2notes catpor 16 ohm) that is supposed to cut 20db on a 100watt amp. Is there a way to figure what the output watts would be for a 50watt amp (2204) if used with this unit? I would like to use it with my 1x12 greenback cab but dont want to smoke the speaker.
  5. RCM 800

    Slash Anaconda Burst.

    Never thought this would happen but I think I want a Slash sig. My buddy had a PRS almost this same color and I would have loved it if it werent for it being a PRS lol
  6. RCM 800

    Mike Campbell (Tom Petty) selling gear.

  7. RCM 800

    Gibson buys Mesa Boogie

    Just read this.
  8. RCM 800

    NAD PRS MT15

    Ive actually had it for a week now but didnt want to write anything if I ended up sending it back. When I first got it I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed. I got it because about 20 years ago I had a rectoverb and was wanting something in that kinda gain-range/flavor but didnt want to drop...
  9. RCM 800

    Getting old and Gigging

    Ive been working on downsizing and lightening up our band gear. We played a small wedding last weekend and the OR20H into my open back V30 1x12 did excellent. We were playing out doors and had to keep the volume reeled in so I never left the 3 watt setting. Had the girls shaking their asses the...
  10. RCM 800

    Played a Fender Lead3

    Student brought in a Fender Lead 3 today. Neat guitar. Normal fender C neck. The body is more streamlined or smaller. Had a hard tail, three way toggle with another toggle for taps. Really neat little guitar. I think it would be especially good for smaller people. Played and sounded good.