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    dsl 401 fx loop, reverb mods

    Weak loop/ verb outputs on clean channel needs modding so the output matches the od channel. Is this common on this model or is there a mod to correct this. For me if i can't fix this i'll just dump it cause i alway run delay through the loop so it doesn't get boosted like when you run it...
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    dsl401 lost reverb and fx loop

    dsl401 lost reverb and fx loop no output of both. All worked fine and f4 fuse blew cause i accidentally dropped my screw driver into the circuit board when adjusting the bias. replace fuse and amp works fine but now no reverb or fx loop. Any clue or area to check would help. Thanks
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    using speaker attenuator

    When pulling two of four pwr. tubes as to run at half power i switch from the amps output impedence from 16ohm to 8ohm. when running to my 16 ohm spk. cabinet. Now in using my attenuator which input should i use 16 or 8ohm. The reason i want to run at 50% is because my attenuator max power...
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    dsl 40c biasing issue

    when biasing amp the test point reads slightly different than using pin 5 of pwr tube testing.
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    Dsl 40c replacing ic4 at2313

    Does anyone know if a replacement needs to be programmed or just plugged in . Thanks
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    DSL sound cutting out

    Dsl40c sound has cut out a couple times and had to turn off and on to reset. Think it may be a relay somewhere. . Anyone that's had this problem and narrowed it down please let me know.

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