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  1. Troy T. Blues

    Marshall Mosfet 100 Reverb 5100 1x12 Combo

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience with this amp? I recently purchased a Lead 12 and I love it for practicing in my living room. It kind of gave me SS Mosfet bug a little lol. So, I came across this amp online and was a great deal, so I snagged it. I was hoping that it was the same as the...
  2. Troy T. Blues

    Marshall/Celestion G12 Vintage Differences?

    Hello, I have a Marshall 1936V cabinet which has the Marshall branded V30's in it and it sounds awesome! I also have what I think/thought were the same speakers, but could they be different? They are currently in my standard 1936 cab (which is all plywood). 1936V: On the cone it's stamped W14...
  3. Troy T. Blues

    NAD: Lead 12

    I had a choice to get this or the Lead 20 and decided to go with this one for now. I have to admit, it sounds pretty amazing for it's size! I plugged my Les Paul and reverb pedal into it and it was great. I love the big Marshall logo and it's in great shape with no scratchy pots. It was made in...
  4. Troy T. Blues

    Vintage Modern Love - NAD: 2466

    Hey guys, I haven't posted much in a while, but here I am. Already a proud owner of a 2007 2266 VM Head, but I always wanted to try the 100w version. Four KT66's? What's not to love!? I love the sound of this amp big time. I had an opportunity to get one and the price was right, so I'm giving...
  5. Troy T. Blues

    DSL40CR Footswitch/FX Loop Issue

    So, I have an earlier 40CR that has the issue with the gap between switching channels, etc. It sucks, but I can work around that. Now I have this issue: So with the stock footswitch this happens, but since I've tried the PEDL-91016 6-way Footswitch, it doesn't do it (so far). The plug in part...
  6. Troy T. Blues

    Source(s) For Custom Rear Back Panel?

    The back panel that protects the tubes. I have a 2266 Vintage Modern head that came with it missing. It doesn't look like today's replacement will Mojotone, etc. I tried the one from my JCM800 2205 and it did not work. If anyone knows of any sources where it can be custom made, I'd...
  7. Troy T. Blues

    Stripped Baffle in DSL40CR?

    When I went to swap speakers, two of the four screws do not tighten anymore. What's up with that? I never had that happen to me before with any combo. How can this be fixed? :mad:
  8. Troy T. Blues

    DSL40CR with V30!!!!!!

    I like V30's and I was always wondered how the DSL40CR would sound with one. The V-Type is good for sure, but didn't quite cut it for me. I know alot guys like the Creamback 65's too. Well, I have a Marshall 1936 cab loaded with V30's, so I decided to take one out and try it in the combo. Don't...
  9. Troy T. Blues

    DSL40CR/100HR & PEDL-91016 Switching Issue?

    I must have missed the memo, or any threads about this issue. I have both amps, apparently earlier models, and have the 6 way PEDL-91016 footswitch. When I switch channels, there's a gap in between. I honestly thought that's the way it was, and would live with it. When I posted something on...
  10. Troy T. Blues

    NAD! DSL100HR

    Well, I received it yesterday. Factory sealed and all. It's everything I expected and more. Purrs like a kitten and roars like a lion. INCREDIBLE POWER!!!!!! Great tones!!! I have the DSL40CR, so I kind of knew what to expect, but holy shit! Interesting that it came with TAD EL34's. My...
  11. Troy T. Blues

    Thinking about the DSL100HR......

    I have the DSL40CR and I think it's great. I'm currently running it with my Marshall 1936 cab with V30's (only the cabs speakers). I'd like to get another head for this cab and I'm thinking the DSL100HR would probably be most practical for me. What I really like about these amps are the...
  12. Troy T. Blues

    Small Box 1987X RI

    It has a MV mod. I’m ok with that. No fx loop. Opinions about the amp and would delay and/or reverb work ok in front? Thanks
  13. Troy T. Blues

    Marshall 1936V / G12 Vintage Speakers

    Opinions? I'm a big Celestion V30 fan and I’d like to know how they compare to the Marshall G12 Vintage speakers. I’m very interested in the 1936V cab that has them in it. Thanks!
  14. Troy T. Blues

    DSL40CR Regular Users

    Hello, I've had this amp for a while now and I really dig it. I use od pedals for varying amounts of gain. I've upgraded some of the pre-amp tubes. Not a big fan of JJ tubes, but I think the power tubes that now come with CR are very good (JJ EL34-II). Anyways, I'm just getting ready to...
  15. Troy T. Blues

    DSL40CR FX Loop Volume Drop

    Hi guys, I just noticed this for the first time last night. It's not drastic, but noticeable. I've had the amp for quite sometime, but now I am experimenting more with effects, fx loop, etc for my new project coming up. What have you all done to remedy the issue? And is this only happening...
  16. Troy T. Blues

    Anybody Use The Fx Loop In A Vintage Modern?

    I have the 2266C and it's a great amp. The one thing I can't stand is using the FX Loop. So far, I'm just running Delay through it with the +4db setting. It just sounds like crap to me. Anybody else feel the same way? I think it's probably due to being a PPIMV? Anybody find a way that...
  17. Troy T. Blues

    Jcm900 Mkiii Help Please

    Hello, I recently acquired a 1990 50W MKIII and it sounds awesome! I'm using it through a a 1936 2x12 cab with V30's. However, there are some things that I'd like to know. It came with JJ E34L's which I believe are not true EL34's, so I plan on changing them. I measured the bias like I always do...
  18. Troy T. Blues

    Dsl40cr Tube Upgrade?

    Hello, Just curious to see if anyone has swapped pre-amp and power tubes in their DSL40CR. I'd love to know what you swapped them with and what you heard. I bought my amp quite a while ago, but been using my Vintage Modern more. Now, it's time to focus on this amp. Especially interested in...
  19. Troy T. Blues

    2266c Issue

    Hi, the issue started at band practice. I figured since it had 10 year old power tubes, that would've been the issue. I replaced all of the tubes with new ones and it's properly biased. The problem still persists. Any idea what could be going wrong here? I was holding the phone in one hand and...
  20. Troy T. Blues

    Marshall Dsl40cr Bias?

    How do you actually bias it? I read that it has external bias test points and adjustment controls under the chassis without having to open it up. I know that you have to use a multi-meter, but I don't see any instructions at all on how to do it. And where should the bias be set at? Thanks!

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