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    So I finally got a Plexi tattoo'd on my arm....let me know what you think!

    That's a pretty cool tat, man! Who's the artist that did that? They did a great job!
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    Which combo should I get for AC/DC tone?

    I bought the DSL40CR so I could use it in my home studio without getting the police called, band practice, and (small) gigs. It handles that job quite well (though it's a bit on the heavy side). I also bought the DSL40CR because I play a wide variety of music - I needed something that could play...
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    Motley Crue / Def Leppard / Joan Jett / Poison Stadium Tour.

    I agree with Bruce Dickinson on this one - thousands of people are paying $100 or more (oftentimes a lot more) to see you perform and you can't be bothered to remember the lyrics? Really?! That performer has no business being on the stage. That's part and parcel of being a live musician. That's...
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    Why do Marshall amps have such piercing high treble capabilities?

    It is a small room to be cranking a Marshall but that's why they make hearing protection, right? To me I ain't playing unless I feel it! Then again, I also live in a suburban ranch home on a large lot where the nearest neighbors are several hundred feet away! There's simply no way I can play the...
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    Why do Marshall amps have such piercing high treble capabilities?

    Absolutely! The guitar + pedals + amp + cab + speaker all comprise your instrument. They're different things but you've combined them to make a single instrument, and that instrument changes should you change any of those components! As you point out, even the pickup makes a difference! That's...
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    Why do Marshall amps have such piercing high treble capabilities?

    That's why I prefer playing tube amps instead of solid state amps. A tube amp is part of your instrument, and you can play it. Solid state amps are just an output.
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    Can a DSL 100H get close to a Friedman BE100?

    That's a fair point and it's good to be reminded of that!
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    How clean does it need to be?

    An amp "that's clean" sets you up for having a pedal platform capable of playing anything - and I mean anything! Some guys, like myself, always play with a "little dirt" as my clean and so I appreciate an amp that's set on the edge of breakup. When I dig into my strings I don't want more...
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    Can a DSL 100H get close to a Friedman BE100?

    Speakers make a HUGE difference in tone! The URM Academy on YouTube has done several speaker comparisons and the differences a speaker makes is amazing! Being a bit funny I've thought you can make any amp sound like any other amp just by changing the speaker! Now start combining different...
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    Can a DSL 100H get close to a Friedman BE100?

    Me neither. I wasn't 100% sure they ever hit the A/B switch. Like another commenter said, if they sound that similar then why am I paying 4x more for the Friedman? There's a lot of gear you can buy with that kind of money!
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    Jimi COULD NOT play the blues

    We can argue all day long since there's isn't a universal, agreed-upon definition for what is blues. At the end of the day it's just a label anyway. Albert King played great music. Jimi Hendrix played great music. I don't really much care about what you wanna call it!
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    Getting Older Sucks (at times)!

    @Springfield Scooter said "Im so old, I no longer purchase GREEN bananas at the grocery store!" That's the funniest shit I've read in a long time! Stealing!
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    Putting off gear purchases

    I don't purchase gear willy-nilly anyway. I'm very particular and methodical in what I buy. I take the time to save the money for things since I never buy on credit. That means when I'm ready to buy - I'm ready to buy! In fact this year alone I've dropped $1500 on new gear. Why? I was ready to...
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    DSL20C or 20CR for small apartment

    @PelliX pointed out they'd stick with the 12" but use a speaker requiring a lower wattage to really get it moving, such as a Celestion Blue. I think that's a great idea and something you should look into.
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    DSL20C or 20CR for small apartment

    Keeping the 12" approach and switching to something like a Celestion Blue is an even better idea!
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    DSL20C or 20CR for small apartment

    Exactly! It's not about pushing the output tubes it's about getting the actual output - the speaker - kicking! As you say, the DSL gets its tone from the pre-amp. Get aggressive with that volume knob! That's the exact opposite advise you'll hear from most people who suggest cranking both MV's...
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    Breaking brand new Celestion speakers.. how to..

    It takes 24 to 48 hours to break in a speaker (that includes amp speakers and home audio). You have to do it by playing music. It also takes 1,000 miles to break in a new engine on a car. Do you break in a car's engine by taking a long trip and driving 1,000 miles? No? Do you lift the car and...
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    yep another freakin fuzz thread

    What are some amp/fuzz combinations you suggest?
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    What ODs Are You Guys Using in Front of Your Marshalls

    Well, I'd been using an EHX Soul Food for years before getting my DSL40CR. Thought I wasn't going to need it any longer. Then I read how you can use your OD pedal to remove some of the flubbiness from the high gain channels. Works like a champ!
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    What Marshalls do you folks have?

    I'm new here and new to Marshall. I'd been playing a Peavey Deuce and a Fender Champion for quite some time. Got a new (to me) guitar and thought it'd be good to mix things up and I decided to get a Marshall DSL40CR. That's only been a couple of months ago, but I'm a happy camper so far! Wish...

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