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    90’s Marshall JCM 900 not working after insanely loud beep.

    Yes, never unplug the speaker(s) while the amp is on. They're a crucial part of the circuit. Maybe the screaming was a bad preamp tube? If you're lucky you just blew a fuse. Take it to a qualified tech and tell him everything that has happened. Maybe there's not much wrong with it. Keep us...

    NMD: Lead 12 .... best bedroom plexi!

    They're nice amps. I have the Lead 12 Micro Stack version.

    Is Marshall behind in production?

    I have no idea but good luck!

    Is DeoxIT D5 safe for potentiometers? Stuart the amp repair guy in the UK says yes

    I use F5 on potentiometers. And 99% alcohol on tube pins.

    Marshall 1960 ahw thoughts

    It's hard to beat a Marshall 1960 cab. I'm not familiar with those speakers though.

    I've got a pals sv20h for a few days and it sucks

    Put it on layaway. That's how I bought my first Marshall.

    Can new electrolytic caps make an amp sound punchier?

    My TSL's caps are twenty years old. There's no hum or anything yet though.

    Is this a good deal on a Lead 12 mini stack?

    I only paid $ 298.00 for mine when it was brand new in 1986.

    Will a “Super 800” ever come out?

    I'm real happy with my two TSL60s. The DSL50 I played sounded really good too. I use the lead channel 99% of the time.
  10. EADGBE

    Can you just drop in KT66s in a ‘78 JMP 2204?

    Which tubes is your amp designed for? That's what I would go with.
  11. EADGBE

    Can you just drop in KT66s in a ‘78 JMP 2204?

    But are they compatible?
  12. EADGBE

    NAD: Marshall 1959HW

    That's a very nice sounding plexi!
  13. EADGBE

    marshall amps double price in USA?

    Don't buy one until the price goes down.
  14. EADGBE

    NAD 1974 Marshall Super Lead and 4x12

    Someone once suggested don't turn it up past 6.
  15. EADGBE

    Recommend me an amp tech for restorations please

    You could check out D-lab. He's up in Michigan. So you would have to ship it. He now works on amps and Ham radios full time.
  16. EADGBE

    Can I put 5881 power tubes in my Marshall 2203X without modding it?

    It was designed for four EL34 tubes. But they always run cold with the bias pot maxed out. So would it be safe to put four 5881 tubes in it? Or would they be incompatible?
  17. EADGBE

    Did I get lucky, or is the market softening up?

    That's a good deal!