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  1. midnightdreamer

    hi from MLP

    hey ya'll :D long time member but i just haven't been active in posting :rofl: :D i found out bout this site from MLP :D shout out to all mah homies from MLP! woof woof! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :D :hippie:
  2. midnightdreamer

    Speaker change ?

    hey guys :wave: can ya'll tell me about speaker changin' please? :fingersx: what brand speakers are good, how it's done, ohm matching, etc etc ? :D :hippie:
  3. midnightdreamer

    Favorite Tube brand ?

    hey ya'll :D i know there's a bunch of tubes out there but what do you think is the best? :wave: i'd love to hear from you guys cuz i hear from the peeps at MLP that changing tubes can be a great upgrade for your amp.. :fingersx: thanks :) :hippie:
  4. midnightdreamer


    hey ya'll :) the AV50X was one of my considerations for the new amp i'm buying and i was wondering if i could get any reviews from you guys :fingersx: is it a good amp despite the fact that it's solid state? :wave: much appreciated :) :hippie:
  5. midnightdreamer

    Poll: Flame Top vs. Plain Top

    :fingersx: Flame Top vs. Plain Top - My Les Paul Forums :hippie: :cool:
  6. midnightdreamer

    Poll: Tops: PRS vs. Gibson

    here's another one :wave: :thumb: Tops: PRS vs. Gibson - My Les Paul Forums :thumb:
  7. midnightdreamer

    Poll: Metallers: Jackson vs. Ibanez

    sorry i forgot to include ESP;s, and Charvels in the poll.. but vote anyway please :D :fingersx: Metallers: Jackson or Ibanez - My Les Paul Forums :thumb: :hippie:
  8. midnightdreamer

    Poll: Favorite Gibson NON-Les Paul

    :fingersx: :D Favorite Gibson NON-Les Paul - My Les Paul Forums :thumb: :hippie:
  9. midnightdreamer

    Marshall Theatre

    can't wait till Marshall makes a video for every product line they have :applause: check it out! click this link and then the link for the theater is on the right hand side of the screen.. :D Marshall Amps :slash: i also have this thread posted on MLP :thumb: Marshall Theatre - My Les...
  10. midnightdreamer

    wanna REALLY talk guitar?

    join us at MLP forums! click the link and register now! Les Paul Forums -
  11. midnightdreamer

    Marshall AVT50X ?

    hey guys :D im looking into buying the AVT50X .. i was wondering if i can get any comments from you guys about, especially from anyone out there who owns one :D please let me know :cheers:
  12. midnightdreamer

    The Best Practice Amp

    Hey guys! =) im new here at the marshallforum =D im looking into buying a marshall soon and i wanna know from u guys what the best PRACTICE amp marshall has to offer.. i want an amp for home that doesn't take too much space, but can still deliver.. one that gives off awesome sound, but at...

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