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  1. Matthews Guitars

    Long-term storage of tube maps

    As per the capacitor design engineers at Cornell Dubilier, the method for getting the longest possible service life out of an aluminum electrolytic capacitor is to keep it charged at its full rated operating voltage 100 percent of the time and keep it cool but not so cool that it risks freezing...
  2. Matthews Guitars

    Advice on 2 channels on jmp

    Guitar and bass.
  3. Matthews Guitars

    Is DeoxIT D5 safe for potentiometers? Stuart the amp repair guy in the UK says yes

    It's great stuff and that's what it's made for.
  4. Matthews Guitars

    they say this debunks the AZ studio moon landing...

    I don't doubt that tests have been done, in regard to chemtrails, but it's certainly not an operational and widespread program. They're not trying to genetically alter us to be more palatable to the Lizard People who live underground. (Actually they're not Lizard People, they're Chuds...
  5. Matthews Guitars


    It's an insulator you brush on called "corona dope" and you can easily order a bottle of it online.
  6. Matthews Guitars

    NFD Black Flag

    I'm in the process of making a batch of highly authentic '67 Black Flag plexi restoration grade front panels for authentic Marshall restorations only. Not intended for use on other time period original Plexis or clone or replicas....but if you don't tell me your plans, I won't stop you from...
  7. Matthews Guitars

    Plexi volume boost for leads?

    You might want to try putting it in. You can always bypass it if it doesn't work out.
  8. Matthews Guitars

    they say this debunks the AZ studio moon landing...

    I've spent many years of my life in the RF field, the section of the electronics trade that gets pretty weird at times. I recognize the "5G dangers" as pure ignorant bullshit. As for the Kennedy assassination, what I find most interesting of all about it it is that there's still debate...
  9. Matthews Guitars

    Plexi volume boost for leads?

    Ah, the limitations of a stock superlead....we know them well. No master volume, no effects loop, no channel switching. It makes it hard to fit them into a modern band setting. If it's an amp you can bear to modify, at least put a Metropoulous zero loss effects loop into it. With the...
  10. Matthews Guitars

    Gibson or PRS

    I have my own. I built it in 2001. It's a sunburst Standard with Nashville hardware and includes a TP-6 fine tuning tailpiece, which I love and always use in place of a conventional stop bar. It will compare head to head with most any LP Gibson ever made, for tone and playability. It's...
  11. Matthews Guitars

    they say this debunks the AZ studio moon landing...

    So that's why they call it the Marshall Space Center....:cool: :applause:
  12. Matthews Guitars

    Gibson or PRS

    Actual truth. I've never had a bad Gibson, either. Not even played one in a music store. Even the worst was pretty darned good. However, I've also never yet found a Gibson that was the equal of any USA made PRS with regard to fit and finish and attention to all the little details. That...
  13. Matthews Guitars

    Olivia Newton John 73 RIP...

    Same here. Grease is everything I hate...except ONJ. I'd have loved to grease HER up! Maybe the thing that sucks most about getting old is watching your heroes grow old and die while you can still see them right there in a movie, looking as young and healthy now as they ever did. It...
  14. Matthews Guitars

    1967 JMP PA 50 Watt Model 1963

    Gotcha. :yesway: It's a cool amp. I'd feel like it would be no sin to reversibly mod it to make it a more useful amplifier.
  15. Matthews Guitars

    1967 JMP PA 50 Watt Model 1963

    Funny, I was thinking kind of the same thing...but covering all the bases, too.
  16. Matthews Guitars

    1967 JMP PA 50 Watt Model 1963

    When I started to write that reply, your recent reply wasn't visible yet. I got distracted by other business and hit the POST REPLY button after you'd posted yours. You don't have to be jerky about it.
  17. Matthews Guitars

    1967 JMP PA 50 Watt Model 1963

    Why not use half of that extra preamp tube to turn one channel into a 2204? That totally leave the 1987 circuit alone. You just add the cascaded gain of the 2204 in one channel. I'm thinking of ways to do that to one of my own amps. But it doesn't have the luxury of eight input jacks to...
  18. Matthews Guitars

    they say this debunks the AZ studio moon landing...

    No attempt at implication was perceived. I just felt it was time to make my little honesty rant. IF...which I know isn't true...the US faked the moon landings, then I can STILL say that the USA is the only nation to have successfully faked a moon landing! (Success meaning, some reasonable...
  19. Matthews Guitars

    Does this 72' JMP 50 look ok?

    I would start by having your technician remove the four resistors strapped across the four 68K input resistors. Those aren't making the amp any better. They are making it more susceptible to self-oscillation and picking up RF interference. The NFB mod (100K resistor strapped across another...

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