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  1. Dino Boreanaz

    Is this a good deal on a Lead 12 mini stack?

    The G10D-25 are in fact the original speakers in the Lead 12 (both the 3005 micro stack and 5005 combo models). The G10L-35 was used in the Lead 20 combo from the same series.
  2. Dino Boreanaz

    Celestion K10-70, are they any good?

    I can't provide any input on those particular speakers, but I have always gotten good feedback from Celestion's tech help with any of my questions about new and old Celestion speakers. You can try reaching out to them using the form at the bottom of this page.
  3. Dino Boreanaz

    marshall bass stack

    The Integrated Bass System (IBS) is from that era and there are a few items in this series that match your description. The 1551 and 1552 are both 2x15 cabs with the difference being the specific speakers and power handling. The 1510 is a 4x10, the 1520 is a 4x12, the 1580 is a 1x18, and the...
  4. Dino Boreanaz

    80's Solid State Bass 12 - Crunchy Blues Machine or Clean Mean Machine?

    Just a quick follow-up on my previous comment about getting a little bit of driven tone from the Micro Bass at full volume ... I was only able to achieve this using a humbucker. When I used my single coil guitar, it remained clean even at full volume.
  5. Dino Boreanaz

    80's Solid State Bass 12 - Crunchy Blues Machine or Clean Mean Machine?

    I've never played the Bass 12, but I did own the 3505 Micro Bass stack from the same era and series of amps. I don't know how similar these two circuits are, but my Micro Bass is a V serial number (1987) and sounds just as you described ... totally clean even with the gain on 10. I did get to...
  6. Dino Boreanaz

    I ask for your opinion on the Celestion G10 Greenback.

    Welcome to the forum @IanS! It sounds like you got a fantastic deal on those VT-Juniors and I've heard others say good things about them. I totally agree that swapping to a good quality speaker makes a huge difference and allows you to actually use the treble control to tailor the sound rather...
  7. Dino Boreanaz

    Celestion pulsonic 10" 7442

    Although I'm not as expert as many others on this forum, I believe it will depend on the impedance of the speakers, how the speakers are wired in the cabinet, and how the cabinets are connected to the amp. If the speakers are each 16 ohm (I think they're rated at 15 ohms, but that's close...
  8. Dino Boreanaz

    Celestion pulsonic 10" 7442

    Based on the power ratings of some of the cabinets that these speakers were used in, I've always assumed their power rating to be 10 watts per speaker.
  9. Dino Boreanaz

    Micro stack appreciation thread.

    @Drinkingdeath01 fantastic collection! I absolutely love my Lead 12 Micro Stack. Here's a shot of it almost dwarfed by my guitar. I had the Micro Bass stack for a while too, but the tone just didn't do it for me so I sold it. Too bad, I would have loved to have matching guitar and bass amps...
  10. Dino Boreanaz

    3505 Micro Bass Stack???

    It turned out that's just the way the amp is and there was nothing wrong with mine. It is, in fact, quite a different circuit compared to the Lead 12 (which I also have and absolutely love) with much lower overall gain and an entirely different tone stack. As for the other Micro Stacks, the...
  11. Dino Boreanaz

    3505 Micro Bass Stack???

    Welcome to the forum! I had one of these for a while and used it for bass, but was never very happy with the tone. I had hoped that it would have some Marshall grit and drive, but it was absolutely clean at all settings and I also found the tone to be quite dark. While this was probably a...
  12. Dino Boreanaz

    Another Lead 12 post (and a speaker question)

    I have not tried the Pro Jr Eminence speaker in my Lead 12 Micro Stack, but have tried several different Celestions. I absolutely recommend trying the G10 Greenback. That's the one that I've kept in both cabinets and I have no intention of changing them. Unless you're in a hurry to make a...
  13. Dino Boreanaz

    Celestion G10 Vintage, G10 Greenback, G10n40 or other for my cab.

    Although you didn't mention which amp you'd be using with this speaker, I voted for the G10 Greenback since that what I like best in my Lead 12 Micro Stack. I've also used the G10N-40 with this amp and found it very similar to the G10 Greenback overall. The G10 Greenback just has a little...
  14. Dino Boreanaz

    WTB: a pair of 7442 speakers

    There's a couple of listings on Reverb for these. Watch out for the other listing "Hyper rare ...". From the photos, these...
  15. Dino Boreanaz

    Celestion pulsonic 10" 7442

    I've used the 7442 and a few other 10" Celestion speakers in my Lead 12 Micro Stack and here are my experiences. The G10D-25 stock speaker in the Micro Stack cabinets was loose in the low end, lacking mids, and quite harsh and fizzy in the high end. The G10N-40 had a much more well-controlled...
  16. Dino Boreanaz

    Marshall Master Lead Combo 5010 - Loud Noise

    Although the filter caps are in my 3505 Micro Bass are not stock, they were replaced with 25V units by a well-respected local technician so I hope they used the appropriate replacement parts. Like your 5010, the 3505 is also a 30W amp driving a 4 ohm load, and it uses the same transformer and...
  17. Dino Boreanaz

    Marshall Master Lead Combo 5010 - Loud Noise

    When I first plugged in my (used) 3505 Micro Bass, it made a sound like you are describing ... a very loud, low-pitch hum. I brought it to a technician who diagnosed the problem as a bad filter capacitor. He replaced both filter caps and now the amp works as it should. Although this is not...
  18. Dino Boreanaz

    A new speaker for my DSL5CR !

    I love the G10 Greenback in my Lead 12 and I hope that it sounds just as good in your DSL.
  19. Dino Boreanaz

    A new speaker for my DSL5CR !

    I know there are many thoughts on how to set EQ. For example, start with everything in the middle and then tweak from there, turn everything down and then add what you like or perceive as missing, turn everything up and then cut what you don't like. On guitar amps with passive controls (in...
  20. Dino Boreanaz

    A new speaker for my DSL5CR !

    I have not used the G10 Creamback myself, but there have been a couple of recent posts on The Gear Page about it being quite bright, even fizzy.

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