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    Looking for a good Flanger....

    I vote for MXR micro flanger t is a very subtle flanger, and it will not go crazy as often they do, causing you to sound out of tune If you are into digital stuff, then Source audio's Orbital modulator is absolutely fantastic. I have never hear digital pedal to sound this natural like Modulator.
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    Eminence Delta Pro-12A

    For clean sound, this speaker is amazing. It would take forever to break in that speaker.
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    My Marshall MF350 Mode Four Half Stack...

    I sold mine to Alex Scolnik. You better keep it as you can't get a lot of money for them. Good luck
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    Replacing 70/80s in MX212 cab powered by DSL20H: Greenbacks or Vintage30

    V30 is the most horrific speaker ever. More you play it, more you hate it ....
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    Just bought the SC20H - thoughts on speaker pairing

    You should not pair speakers for no reason. Especially if you play live ....
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    Can a DSL 100H get close to a Friedman BE100?

    You nailed it, man. So true, they both sound like a crap through that cabinet.
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    Soldano SLO Mini Amp Head and Bogner Ecstasy Mini Amp Head - Sound Demo

    Thank you very much for taking time to make these videos. I always had a great sympathy for Soldano and I owned SLO. But in my ears Soldano being an American always had Mesa spirit that i find muddy. I have to give a credit to Mike trying to balnce American/British tone and as grest as this...
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    Onboard digital reverb, is there a good reverb kit?

    I can go on record to say I have never heard better sounding reverb pedal then Source Audios’s Dimension Reverb... like everything from that series of pedal... Orbital modulator is a kick ass modulation pedal ... .2
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    One Year Ago Today...

    What about beer?
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    New amp day jmp 2204

    You are in trouble now. You have to crank it :dude:
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    Full stack, anyone?

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    Amp recommendation

    Fargen DBC has great Marshall and clean Fender too. No mistakes here .
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    Fargen 25W Dual Classic. Curing quest for tone.

    I agree, it is sensational . But I find Variac is doing almost nothing ....
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    1987x Plexi - A Newbie's Observations

    I totally agree about Boss WAZA TAE ... it is awesome ....
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    Soldano huh .... I sold mine. I think everybody has to find out inside what you like. If you are a crunch guy, then take a Marshall. If you are swimming in the mud, then take Mesa. Soldano made a great effort to please folks that do not know what they like, And that is ok. I just couldn't handle...
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    Selling Regrets ?

    I do not have any ...
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    Western Electric Wants to Expand Their Tube Manufacturing in U.S.

    Sounds like an American bull shit to me. I bet you pre amp tube will cost 49.99 lol
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    Most Overrated (to YOU) gear


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