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    JCM 800 1960B 4x12

    I lucked out cab has G12-65s in it!
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    JCM 800 1960B 4x12

    It’s in very good condition. Picked it up and like it.
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    Ceriatone King Kong 100 (Cameron CCV 100) bright cap and clipping mods

    I built this awhile back and thinking of experimenting with some different bright caps and clipping options - only on Channel 2. Currently each Gain control can select between 1000pf and 2700pf. Currently they are a little too bright so I was going to try 4700pf to see how that is. Also, there...
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    JCM 800 1960B 4x12

    One of these near me for $600. It is at a music shop so price is what it is. Thoughts on these cabs? Has the 75s in it.
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    Favorite speaker to pair with Greenback in 4x12?

    Using a Ceriatone King Kong 100. No cab yet but looking into getting a 4x12. Heard an A/B of a V30 cab vs Greenbacks (I'm used to V30s) and really liked the sound of the Greenbacks. I play stuff ranging from Post-Punk, semi clean up to metalish territory.
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    1960 4x12 variations

    Couple for sale near me. There are a few with different badges. One just says “1960 lead,” the other is a JCM 900 1960. I heard a video A/B of a JCM 800 1960 vs 900 1960 4x12 and thought the former sounded better. Sound have been more broken in. I know they all have the G12t-75 speakers, well...
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    Ceriatone Super Lead 100 plexi lower gain preamp tubes?

    I actually have the bright cap on a push/pull currently. I actually don't use the bright cap in the circuit.
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    Ceriatone Super Lead 100 plexi lower gain preamp tubes?

    I built the 70' spec version. Wondering if some different preamp tubes might give it a little more headroom? Currently have all JJs in there. Thanks!
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    Plexi Kits or sourcing it all yourself?

    Built two Ceriatone kits so far - JCM 800 and King Kong 100 - and I'm thinking I want to build a plexi. I'd like to use quality parts so I figured sourcing the components and just getting everything from scratch and vendors. Anyone have any input and or suggestions? Like where to get...
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    TSL 122 strange sounds at louder volumes

    Using the amp with my Mills Acoustics 4x12, not the internal 2x12s. Tried a different cab to rule out a speaker issue. It happens mostly on the lead channel - hear clip - but it’s also more prominent on the clean channel with the volume up. i swapped all but one preamp tube with good new JJ’s...
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    TSL 122 chassis same as 100?

    I might just build a cab. I made a finger jointed cab for a Fender Deluxe I built before. Won't be anything fancy, just to hold the chassis.
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    TSL 122 chassis same as 100?

    I got a 122 for stupid cheap at a garage sale. Needed some work but now it’s kicking. I don’t really care for it as a 2x12 but through my 4x12 I’m impressed. I wanted to know if the chassis mounts are the same on the 122 as the 100. If so, I might try and and find an empty head cabinet.
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    DSL vs. TSL

    thanks, I should have clarified: what brand tubes are “right” for the TSL. Someone posted you need to have the right tubes in the TSL. I know they are 12AX7 and EL34
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    DSL vs. TSL

    What are the right tubes for the TSL? as far as preamp.
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    Valvestate 8100 settings

    Curious how you all are setting Channel 2.
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    Ceriatone JMP/JCM 800 Bright cap

    I built one of these and did some mods to it - Headfirst mods and the cold clipper switch. I added a 1000PF bright cap on a switch - same value as a stock JCM 800 - and it is damn bright. Anyone else have different values you'd recommend?
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    Valvestate 8100 load question

    Excellent! Gonna metal it up.
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    Valvestate 8100 load question

    I may be getting one of these. I’ve read people say 4 ohms or higher is fine but that the power output would be reduced if I’m using an 8 ohm load vs 4. Is this the case? If so, can I put by 8 ohm cab load out of one speaker output and a dummy 8 ohm load in the other output to make the amp see...
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    Speakers for Jmp/modded able to handle higher gain

    I have a Ceriatone JMP/jcm 800 I built with some mods. I set it up for a semi higher gain tone, using my guitar’s volume to clean up. I have two Orange 2x12s with V30s and a Fryette Deliverance 412 with Fane F70 speakers. Neither of those setups are doing it for me. Any recommendations for...

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