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  1. Phony iommi

    Jimmy Page and The Stones 1973

    Can’t get enough Jimmy Page? (Like me) Here’s Page with The Rolling Stones Released from the vault in 2022.
  2. Phony iommi

    Boss AW-3 with expression pedal

    I’ve gone through a number of wah, auto wah and envelope filters etc recently chasing tone and found a nice combo. Boss aw-3 with a Roland EV-5 expression pedal. The aw-3 is great as is, add the expression pedal and it’s extremely versatile with amazing tones. Thought I’d share. Any one else try it?
  3. Phony iommi

    Whats the best chorus pedal

    Boss Waza Craft Dimension C A used one should be in your price range. A far superior chorus to the CE-2W imo but without a vibrato mode.
  4. Phony iommi

    What pedal to get? This guy right here^^^^
  5. Phony iommi

    Watch this video about hendrix And Marshall

    Jimi Hendrix, Marshall Amps and his pedals. Anyone interested?
  6. Phony iommi

    What do you think will the marshall valve amp die?

    Couldn’t have said it better. Remember the great toilet paper scare? This is just a microscopic version. This too shall pass, tubes will not go the way of the dinosaur until humanity does.
  7. Phony iommi

    NAD: It's a special one....! 6100 content inside

    Outstanding score! May I ask where you saw it for sale?
  8. Phony iommi

    NPD Mr Black Shepard’s End Flanger

    Boss makes great stuff all around, no question about it. This mr black flanger rips the skin off your face, it’s different like nothing I’ve heard. Clean it’s like a chorus, hit it with gain and it’s a nuclear weapon.
  9. Phony iommi

    NPD Mr Black Shepard’s End Flanger

    Wicked ass flanger. Worth every penny. This thing is as advertised.
  10. Phony iommi

    JHS pedals.

    I have the emporer v2 chorus/vibrato. Nice chorus, the vibrato is super weird outer space stuff. Jhs show is very informative
  11. Phony iommi

    JHS Pedal Sale....

    Didn’t mean to post here
  12. Phony iommi

    Fuzz pedal anyone? 🤟
  13. Phony iommi

    Blues Breaker pedal reissue? Anyone actually preorder one of these? Or have any info on wether they are really being reissued?
  14. Phony iommi

    Help setting up pedals and effects loop….

    Tuner>Ts9>NS1>Front of amp Delay and Phase 90 in loop. Time based effects such as chorus flange delay etc seem most effective when bypassing the preamp section. Just my 2 cents based on my experience
  15. Phony iommi

    Gibson les paul tribute 2020 opinions

    All what fitz said, plus the studio has coil tapping. The year the op is looking at may have the PCB board in it, which I personally would avoid or replace as the Gibson’s I’ve owned with them had poor volume/tone controls.
  16. Phony iommi

    Well, dang!

    Could a noise gate possibly help with this?
  17. Phony iommi

    NGD: Martin Custom Shop, D28 Custom Authentic

    Beautiful guitar Pickers delight and fantastic fingerstyle guitar as well. Congratulations on that beauty
  18. Phony iommi

    Tuesday Morning Trower Style Jam with the 1959HW and Tone of the Gods

    Awesome jam How are you getting the wah effect?
  19. Phony iommi

    Jimmy Pages 1960 Black Beauty story What a long strange trip for that guitar. It’s an older article so sorry if it’s a repost. What are the odds of him ever seeing that guitar again after...
  20. Phony iommi

    New Guitar Day

    Cool guitar! What do you mean by “knock off”? Is this the same thing as a chibson but with a fender?

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