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  1. slade


    Nice!! Congratulations!!
  2. slade

    Analog man can bite my shiny, metal….

    Cool, congratulations.
  3. slade

    NGD BC Rich Mockingbird Extreme

    Congratulations on the new guitar!!
  4. slade

    Fuzz face problem

    Possibly the switch is faulty.
  5. slade

    For fun and nostalgia

    Yeah, who would have thought that a valvestate head would be sought after back when it came out.
  6. slade

    For fun and nostalgia

    Cheaper the better for now. Just running the valve fx through that power amp side of my Marshall will be fine for now.
  7. slade

    For fun and nostalgia

    TubeWorks sounds like one of the amps that I used to have. I’m going to check out the ADA and the stealth.
  8. slade

    For fun and nostalgia

    So a friend and I were talking a while back about the guitar gear that we’ve had throughout the years. He mentioned about how cool it would be if we could get some of it back to get the guitar tones that we had in the ‘90’s and early ‘00’s. I can’t remember everything that I’ve had and I don’t...
  9. slade

    Marshall Power Brake vs. other power attenuators?

    I hear that the Fryette Power station is really good. What I ended up doing is using my Mxr 10 band eq and backing down the volume on it.
  10. slade

    New guitar incoming, Charvel

    Congratulations, it looks killer!
  11. slade

    Compressors with eq’s

    I was thinking that adding a compressor in would level out my guitar signals because some have passive and some have active pickups and take out some of the shrill that I get as the volume goes up. And maybe I just have to adjust my eq settings for the different guitars and volumes. I don’t...
  12. slade

    Compressors with eq’s

    I was thinking about getting the Keeley if I do decide to put one on my board.
  13. slade

    Compressors with eq’s

    Hey guys, so I have another question. I’m redoing my pedal board yet again and I was thinking about getting a compressor to go in my signal chain. I do have a 10 band eq in the loop and I’m putting in a clean boost after the overdrive that goes into the front of the amp. If I bought one, I...
  14. slade

    Digital processor effects question

    For what I have it sounds pretty good. I guess that if I were to go with some sort of modeling equipment, I would have to research it more to get one splits the distortion and effects. I bought it because of the aux and headphone jacks.
  15. slade

    Best place to put a wah in the FX chain?

    I actually may put my Jerry Cantrell wah on my board next to my Zakk Wylde wah.
  16. slade

    What ODs Are You Guys Using in Front of Your Marshalls

    I’ve mainly been using my khdk paranormal 2.
  17. slade

    Digital processor effects question

    Hey guys. So I bought this digitech processor which got me to thinking. I’m a old school pedal person and this is my first digital processor besides my old xp100 and some rack units. And with them I just picked a tone and went with it. I think that it would safe to say that most people place...
  18. slade

    Best place to put a wah in the FX chain?

    Mine is tuner first then the wah.
  19. slade

    Any suggestions

    Pedecamp, I took your suggestion and decided to buy a digitech rp360. I neeeded something on the cheaper side. I’ve been looking at all of the suggestions here, but like all of us now we are working to buy gas and food.
  20. slade

    Your Top 5 Amp Brands?

    1. VHT/Fryette 2. Bogner 3. Orange 4. Marshall 5. Mesa Boogie

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