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  1. StingRay85

    Tube life ?

    If you slam the amp with pedals and basically create square waves for hours on end, I don't think the tubes will last too long. I've seen Xf2 Mullards turn red with every chord on a UA Ox box, they are not made for that
  2. StingRay85

    Tube life ?

    Will all one 10 in a load box, I wouldn't bet on them making it to 2023
  3. StingRay85

    JJ Cale

    Clapton mentioned JJ as the best gitarist he ever knew.
  4. StingRay85

    JJ Cale

    Why is this guy not in R&R hall of fame?
  5. StingRay85

    RS Deluxe OT

  6. StingRay85

    1972 Marshall full white stack

    I wouldn't call this one super inflated. If he would ship, it probably would get sold a lot easier. Cool stack
  7. StingRay85

    Hiwatt PA head 100W

    Lead dress? It's pretty useless as a PA amp, so it needs redoing in any case. You pay for the name.
  8. StingRay85

    Hiwatt PA head 100W

    That's expensive for a greasy PA amp. I paid 700 for an original Mark 3 PA 100 SC loaded with mullards and including 2 4x12 column speakers loaded with Fanes. They use the same transformers and chassis
  9. StingRay85

    Vintage quad of Sylvania EL34’s?

    Xf2. Welded plates and brown base.
  10. StingRay85

    '71 1982B cab (Reverb)

    No cat pee or spilled beer on it. I would say its a replacement cloth. Speakers have been messed around with, no original wiring. To replace the cloth, or maybe other damage / coil rub that cannot be observed? If the speakers are in good condition, it would be a good deal though
  11. StingRay85

    Quad Mullard XF4s, UK, £260

    Yeah those are new, for sure. B0E4 is really the last batch of EL34 ever made in Blackburn. I have one from F1 but that's it. I have 6 with date code B0E4, including 4 new on box, and they measure not matched at all. Ranging from 22.2 to 39.7 mA for 400 V -36V bias. Seems like the QC section was...
  12. StingRay85

    Elevate filament center tap: yea or nay?

    Anyone ever tried to put this elevation of the heaters on a switch, and A/B it for noise?
  13. StingRay85

    Biasing tubes in a 1973 Super Lead

    Good idea to have lowered the bias already, it was too high. Do you notice cross over distortion? If not, and the amp sounds good, you could might as well leave them in
  14. StingRay85

    New in box Xf2 '67 OO getters

    Yeah indeed. They sold "cheap" considering new in box matched quartet double ring getters, those are extremely rare. I would have valued that box of 35 tubes in the range of 5-10K. Unique opportunity for a professional musician or a recording studio
  15. StingRay85

    Pink Floyd - One Of These Days Cover

    You should check out the Swiss band Monkey 3. They also do a modern take on this song. They are inspired by Floyd on most albums they make, still sound fresh and good
  16. StingRay85

    Pink Floyd - One Of These Days Cover

    Great job. Doesn't really sound like Floyd but such a great composition and great playing from your side
  17. StingRay85

    Nice looking quad of RFT EL34s

    Just bought again 10 pieces for 150€
  18. StingRay85

    New in box Xf2 '67 OO getters

    Sold 745 $ for a quartet. And the seller doesn't even have a single positive feedback, so at least some kind of risk involved with this kind of transaction.