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  1. Geeze

    JJ EL844

    I have an Atom in bound and as I was looking for a backup quad I noticed the JJ EL844 was listed as a lower power EL84. Any experiences good or bad? Russ
  2. Geeze

    Regarding tubes and heads

    If you're buying power tubes it is best to buy them in matched pairs for two PT amps or quads for four PT amps so you'll know they 'play' well together as a set. As with all things guitar there isn't a one size or bias setting that fits all. Learning to bias your amp isn't hard - it can be a...
  3. Geeze

    Repurpose TL806 cab

    Scuffed and re lacquered on the outside. I lack the velcro tabs for the grill and I need 1/4" longer screws for the speaker mounting. Then franken box and shipped. Russ
  4. Geeze

    Repurpose TL806 cab

    Needless to say the basket on the Celestion is a bit bigger than the EVM. Resanded today then got to thinking about this cab going from 60%+ humidty to a area that averages 14% the whole year. Laquered the inside - Back of baffle and back - Touchup on the baffle front - Then a...
  5. Geeze

    Nutty Girls...

    Did we lose you in a visual moment? Russ
  6. Geeze

    Nutty Girls...

    That was impressive - glad to see some of the younger set actually playing instruments and playing well. After watching the virtuosity of the jackrabbits this tortoise is going fumble on his guitar some more. Russ
  7. Geeze

    Marshall/Celestion Speaker Decals

    That would be cool. I'd reproduce from a pic not sure who will sacrifice for art... Russ
  8. Geeze

    ENGL Powerball II

    I enjoy your demos @Guitarjon you're clear, thorough on the details and with a minimum of 'watch me! watch me!' wanking! Russ
  9. Geeze

    How clean does it need to be?

    I remember reading that a 'good' non tube HiFi system produces less than 0.1% THD [total harmonic distortion] - it may have been less than that. A 'good' guitar amp is somewhere in the 10% THD. Not sure if the writer was referencing [shudder] Fender on that number or not. 0.1% is clean. I...
  10. Geeze

    Real life (rant peeve ) the last 2 generations.

    When my boy was 1-5 I worked 45-50+ hours a [wife self employed too] week in retail [more later when I was self employed] as I was burnt on consulting and refused to travel as I would miss time with my boy. He was my focus when I got home and I really enjoyed the time with him - building legos...
  11. Geeze

    I'm excited - and I have to wait...

    My dear friend and fellow Marshall freak and I have been trading gear back and forth for years. Five years ago I ended up with one of his JMP2203s that had a Partridge OT and EL34's. Me being me [the AntiTolex] I built a head shell for it - Sounds great but I'm slowly drifting to the...
  12. Geeze

    Repurpose TL806 cab

    When my dad was in town, we built him a pistol box to store 8 of them. He was lusting after my speaker cabs - guess where I got the wood whore jones from - and asked if this would make a good sub - I explained it was a combo cab that had an open back and not enough depth to work well...
  13. Geeze

    Death to all chipmunks! (2022 reprise)

    My last house in Dallas was in an old pecan grove and we had lots of the little turd hoppers. They chewed on the fence and teased my dog - until she caught one then they had a bit more respect. I kept telling the wife they're rats with a nice fur coat - she wouldn't listen. Until the LTH's...
  14. Geeze

    Union Jack cab musings

    She must be looking at Markle. Russ
  15. Geeze

    Your first Marshall was...

    After numerous Gibson, Sunn, GK, lots of Fender + clones, L6 DT25 & 50, Mesa Mini and a Satellite Barracuda [still have] I bought my first - a 4210 in 2014 and it's been mostly Marshall since. Russ
  16. Geeze

    Your Avatar

    It may be time to let go of Homer... First image I found that didn't violate forum rules. Reminiscent of old @ricksdisconnected in his creepy clown phase. Doesn't really say Geeze except maybe for that last thing the poor bastard sees... I need to resize this one which is a bit more...
  17. Geeze

    Union Jack cab musings

    Micro movement tonight, Two options for the top. The top and bottom edges are unsupported - I didn't whack out the blue line. The top model has a bit of a support issue in that only the center section would support the whole cab. I thought about dadoing in a channel on the edges for either...
  18. Geeze

    Putting off gear purchases

    Excuse me ma'am! I have an amp I need to see to. Want to feel the noise?!!? My gear is a revolving door - I enjoy it for a few years and move it along. Russ
  19. Geeze

    Putting off gear purchases

    It has certainly made me do more planning. I'm selling off some speaker cabs, pedals, a PRS and the last JMP2203 I own to make room as I don't want to stop building new cabs. I've also made a decision to buy new products to support the existing builders / craftsmen/women to help keep this...
  20. Geeze

    Happy Birthday Barbie

    Sorry to pop your bubble but Barbie is 63 - first edition was 1959. I built her a big three story doll house and she let me do a Halloween costume on one. Bikini bottom and pumpkin sequins as pasties - stripper Barbie. My privileges were revoked... My ex was a collector. Russ