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  1. JohnH

    Microphone advice?

    i'd be grateful for your advice on a microphone to buy: Currently I use a Rode M1, which is a very good dynamic mic, comparable with a SM58 Beta, very solid and reliable and great for speaking voice, band vocals and guitar amps. It also does a good job on acoustic. I use it all day every day...
  2. JohnH

    Where are our DSL-cr's??

    Have any other Australian members noticed that nowhere stocks or sells the current DSL's? Online and in shops you can find DSL40C but not DSL40cr, DSL5C but not DSL5cr..etc? Why? - the current amps have been out a couple of years. We can find Origins, and with a bit of hunting we can even find...
  3. JohnH

    Simple Attenuators - Design And Testing

    Summary: September 2019 This thread started with a few resistors to make a simple attenuator for valve amps, and then developed into multistage resistive and reactive designs. The latest designs work much better than I’d expected and have been built and tested by others. April 2020: After...
  4. JohnH

    Digitech Launches The Worlds First Intellegent Drummer

    No more need for Animal!
  5. JohnH

    Who's Designing At Marshall?

    Further to our worries about the future of our favourite amp maker, I was wondering who is there coming up with the next generation of designs? The last 10 years or so saw a new golden age of original designs from Marshall, led by the JVM' s and Vintage Moderns, then Haze the new DSLs and the 1...
  6. JohnH

    Vintage Modern Combo In The Uk

    I was looking around at going prices for these, just curious after recently getting a great one myself. This decent looking UK example has 24h to run and no bids yet (300GBP starting price):
  7. JohnH

    Vintage Modern Combo - Nad!

    I just have to tell you guys! I have just confirmed a deal on a 2010 Vintage Modern combo, to pickup up locally next weekend. This is my all-time top-of-the-bucket-list amp, so I'm kind of excited about it. More to follow...
  8. JohnH

    Marshall Gv2 ' Guv'nor Plus' Overdrive/distortion Pedal - How It Works & Mods

    I got one of these last week. I'd been thinking about it before, and this thread reminded me again:‘ello-to-the-5-finest-marshall-guv’nor-clones.93122/ It's a pretty looking thing!: Curved silver finish, embossed Marshall logo, die-cast body and all...
  9. JohnH

    Vintage Modern Combo - Wiring Idea For 16 Ohm Extension Cab

    This is a question/idea about how to use a 16 Ohm extension cab with a VM combo, which only has 4 or 8 ohm outputs available stock. I'm interested in comments and opinions on whether it will work in practice. I should say that I haven't got one of these, but getting a VM combo has been on my...
  10. JohnH

    Boss SD-1, OD-3 and OD-1X sound clips

    Im getting ready to put some mods into my SD-1, so I thought I'd make a few reference sound clips to make it easier to tell what has changed, and how it compares to my OD-3 and OD-1X: Here are some clips of each one. I don't have a good mic set-up right now, so they are taken from the...
  11. JohnH

    Boss SD-1

    Boss SD-1 Encouraged by recent posts on this forum. I got myself a Boss SD-1, as a project! This first post has all the key info to start with. My plan is to update this thread from time to time as I try things out. Please feel free to add any comments or mod suggestions, or other SD-1...
  12. JohnH

    Forum question - deleting messages?

    Hello - I'm within about 4 pms from maxing out my message quota. Time to delete, but id quite like to keep a few. Does anyone know how to do this? I can only find ways to delete them all! What happens if I go over the limit?
  13. JohnH

    i converted my head into a DSL40c

    Happy New Year to everyone on the Marshall Forum!!
  14. JohnH

    Why does preamp tube type affect tone?

    My question is about how it is that there are brighter and darker types of preamp tubes. Can anyone suggest why that should be? Even without a trained ear, I could easily hear how a new basic JJ in V1 took the sparkle from my combo. An older one went back in. I can accept how there may be...
  15. JohnH

    Help me pick some tubes - DSL401

    Further to my fixes on this amp, I need to replace the tubes now in this 40w el84 powered combo, built in 2005. The previous ones were the stock Marshall branded. There was nothing wrong with their sound IMO, but I have never compared others in this amp. The preamp tubes are still OK, at...
  16. JohnH

    DSL401 - loop, tone and heat mods

    I'm very happy to have made some progress getting my DSL401 back in action. News is all good, but i need some new valves now, one of the power valves has a failed heater - heater supply getts to it, but its open circuit like a failed light bulb. But I got 8 years, so Im not sad. I've fixed the...
  17. JohnH


    What are your best tips for desoldering components? Im wrestling with my dsl401, and one of the jobs is to replace the bridge rectifier. This is a 4legged square, currently soldered tight down to the pcb. So i cant cut the leads nor melt more than one joint at a time. So Ill get some desolder...
  18. JohnH

    amPlug - Classic Rock

    I got one of these for my son, for Xmas: He's working overseas right now, and I thought he might like to have something to jam with without making too much noise in his shared apartment. You just plug it into your axe and plug in phones. It has gain, tone and volume knobs, and this...
  19. JohnH

    DSL401 - unusual low volume cutting-out problem

    Got a problem developing recently that has me puzzled. I’m really hoping for some insightful tech advice: When playing at low volume, the sound suddenly cuts out after a few minutes. I can get it back either by turning standby off then on, or turning master volume up to about 4. If I do that...
  20. JohnH

    choosing an overdrive?

    Feeling like a bit of a change without spending too much, so shoot out your latest best ideas for overdrive pedals. Here's my spec: It will go into the DSL401 clean channel I want the drive/gain to go from clean boost up to something bluesy - not too much gain needed Robust construction...

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