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    What is Gain?

    You know, too often I see lots of guys that have the misconception that gain=volume, when this is simply not the case. You will spot these guys as they tend to set the volume of each channel with the gain pots instead of the channel faders. Gain in a live PA is signal strength. A microphone...
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    Superleadfixer Myspace

    Here is Myspace corner for any of you who wants info on what we can do. There is a clip when you log in, its a High gain version of a cloned Super Lead 12series, with Scumbacks speakers..... Lower on that same page you'll see a little video of some builds and stuff...
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    For more GAIN, The one wire mod.......

    Ok I received a few PM asking to explain how to do it, here is the basic procedure for making that modification to your amp. It will put you pre amp section in cascade (series) to add gain.... Gain factor will be multiplied when in series instead of adding itseft in parallel (as it is...
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    Hi all, This place is a great idea!! I specificatly love 1959s. I'll be around here to chat and help out any of you with "amp" problems etc.... 8) :wink:

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