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  1. BlueX

    This time of year

    No particular reason why I post this, but I always think of this song this time of year and I like it a lot
  2. BlueX

    NGD: Gibson LP Standard GT

    Got this beauty today, Gibson Les Paul Standard ‘50s - Gold Top: Flawless, fret ends well made, tidy cavities, well set up with good action, no string buzz, and perfect intonation. It weighs 4089 g (9.015 lb). I don’t like to buy instruments online, but it’s almost impossible to get anything...
  3. BlueX

    Swedish ice hockey champions!

    My favourite ice hockey team, Färjestads BK, tonight become Swedish champions! First time in 11 years, 10th time total. It was game 7 of 7, and still 0-0 at 50 minutes. First goal 50:33, match ended 3-0 (open goal). It was incredibly exciting, and I've been really nervous. Färjestad ended up...
  4. BlueX

    Pairing 96 dB and 98 dB speakers?

    Are these speakers close enough, in sensitivity, to pair in a horizontal 2x12 cab? Celestion G12M-25 Greenback, 98 dB Celestion G12 EVH, 96 dB...
  5. BlueX

    Recommendations for good tolex glue?

    Any recommendations, or comments, on tolex glue that is good, and easy to use for beginners? I checked around on Internet. Modulus Amplification has a video on these three types: PVA glue (wood glue, or runnier tile sealant) Solvent-based contact adhesive Water-based/solvent-free (or...
  6. BlueX

    SV20H/Cab Maroon/Cream Levant LTD

    I think this maroon/cream stack looks good. I already have an SV20, so I'm not an intending buyer. Just sharing if someone else would be. € 1310 for the bundled stack...
  7. BlueX

    Tube availability

    Just read a note saying that export restrictions for tubes made in Russia have been lifted. Following brands mentioned: Tung-Sol, Sovtek, Electro Harmonix, Mullard and Gold Lion. Anyone else heard of this?
  8. BlueX

    Building 1936 cab - Ready!

    I’m building a horizontal 2x12 cab, using the dimensions of the current 1936V from Marshall webpage: 740x600x305 mm (29.1” x 23.6” x 12”). To get the right proportions, I need help with some dimensions (see also pictures below). I don’t have a 1936 cab nearby, so I would be grateful if someone...
  9. BlueX

    Musikding pedal kits

    Got three pedal kits from today: - The Range - Germanium Treblebooster kit - The Bender Mk2 - Germanium Fuzz kit - Titan kit This all started with @WellBurnTheSky recommending a pedal together with SV20H. His description was so well written I just had to try it (Titan kit). While...
  10. BlueX

    LP Special '57

    Cool guitar, but SEK 150 000 (USD 15.000) is not for me. Gibson Les Paul Special TV 1957 I wouldn't mind a new Gibson LP Special for $ 1.600, though, or an Epiphone for $ 400-450 with the new headstock.
  11. BlueX

    Marshall MR1936 Greenback LTD (now URL works)

    Anyone knows something about this cab? Marshall MR1936 Greenback Purple/Black Levant LTDt - 2x Celestion G12M greenback 12" speakers, 50 watts, 2x 16ohms or 1 x 8ohms, incl. speakercable, color: Purple/Black Levant. Just found it at Thomanns, where it's been in their portfolio only since...
  12. BlueX

    Multimeter and LCR meter

    I just bought a PeakTech 2005A, multimeter that also measures inductance. Price € 41 (about $ 45). It can measure DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA, resistance, capacitance, diode, transistor, continuity, temperature, frequency and inductance. It’s rated for 1000 V (CAT III), and has a 10 A input. It does not...
  13. BlueX

    Tele pickguards

    I have a problem with the mod's I'm doing on my Tele (it's the cheapest Tele build kit from StewMac, and there is no statement that it is made according to Fender spec's). One mod is to replace the neck singlecoil with a P-90. I bought a white pickguard with a P-90 hole (instead of the black...
  14. BlueX

    My 1st Tele and 1st assembly – Part 3, planned mod’s

    Last year I put together my first guitar build kit, and my first Tele. Pros: The Tele model is really nice and fun to play. Easy to make a proper setup and it stays in tune. The 14” radius fretboard is also very nice. So far I like it a lot. Cons: This is a cheap kit, with cheap components, so...
  15. BlueX

    Bleaching alder to look like ash

    Anyone that has bleached an alder guitar body to make it look like ash? I have a Strat guitar build kit, with alder body, where I try to mimic a 50's two-tone sunburst. As I understand, when Fender changed from ash to alder they bleached alder to look like ash when making translucent...
  16. BlueX

    '54 LP for $ 40.000

    Gold Top Les Paul from 1954 for sale in Sweden, price SEK 399.000 (about $ 40.000). Seems to be in great condition. Anyone played original Gibson, or Fender, guitars from the '50-ies? Are they really worth this much (investment object aside)? Gibson Les Paul 1954
  17. BlueX

    NGD: ’50s Strat build kit

    Recently, I put together a Tele kit. That was fun, so let’s do it again. I have a US Fender HSS Strat, but been missing an SSS Strat. This kit will close that gap. Wilkinson 50s Vintage-S Guitar Kit, from StewMac: 2-piece, center-joined Alder body, shaped, routed, and sanded Fretted Maple...
  18. BlueX

    Marshall Super Lead JMP 1973

    Is this worth USD 2.500 (SEK 25.000), and does it look like it matches the description? It's for sale very nearby where I live. I'm not in the market for such an amp (but...). 1959 JMP, 5410E, date of mfg: 23 Aug 1973, point-to-point. Mentioned mod's: lay-down transformer and socket...
  19. BlueX

    Book: Led Zeppelin - All The Songs

    Any opinions on this book: Led Zeppelin - All The Songs: The Story Behind Every Track Any recommendations for other books on the music by LZ, or Jimmy Page, that are comprehensive and correct (as far as possible)?
  20. BlueX

    My 1st Tele and 1st assembly – Part 2, ready

    I have assembled the cheapest ($160) Tele kit from StewMac. Since this is my first kit assembly, I thought I’d share my impressions, also to other beginners who might be interested. Pictures, and link to Part 1, at the end of this post. So, I successfully put together this kit to a playable...