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    Earliest Known Recording(s) for the MV JMP?

    My guess would be Scott Gorham & Brian Robertson of Thin Lizzy. If I remember correctly, I think they even used those amps on the Jailbreak album in 1976.
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    Earliest Known Recording(s) for the MV JMP?

    Hi Mitch - Neil Geraldo
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    NMD: Lead 12 .... best bedroom plexi!

    Great amp! I have one myself. Mine is an '89 with the separate line and headphone jacks and the Celestion G10D25 speaker. In a nutshell - yes, there are 4 different versions. I believe the most desirable one is the first version (ca. 1982) which has no line out or headphone jacks. The drive has...
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    Very cool! 1986 2210. What is the reset switch near the power cable all about?
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    Speaker Recommendation for JCM800 4010 1x12

    Best speaker for the amp bar none.
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    Marshall Studio 15

    Sorry, delete my post
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    Your first Marshall was...

    Marshall 4100 head and 1936 cabinet was my first. (90's) When I was a kid, I couldn't afford a Marshall, but I had no clue about the Mosfet. That would've been just fine. (80's)
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    NAD JTM45 Reissue

    Very cool! Congrats! :)
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    Bluesbreaker vs VM 2266C

    I do not have any personal experience. However, this from Steve Dawson, the designer of the VM. "The Vintage Modern is basically a JTM45 with some hot rodding. For a JTM 45 tone select the low dynamic range, master volume on full, mid boost out, Detail at 2 -4 o'clock. Body at 1 - 3 o'clock and...
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    Marshall Mosfet 100 Reverb 5100 1x12 Combo

    Hi! No disruption at all. It's nice to see this thread again. Anyways, I wouldn't really compare this amp to a JC-120. And I think the JC-120 is probably a better amp for clean. For distortion, the 5100 is pretty darn good and does both drive and clean pretty well. The JC-120 would sound so buch...
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    Marshall/Celestion G12 Vintage Differences?

    G12 Marshall Vintage by Celestion for sure.
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    Marshall/Celestion G12 Vintage Differences?

    That's actually a really good idea!
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    Tube shortage because of Russian import ban????

    Good news, but is this possible?
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    JCM800 2205 for $2k??

    Love mine! I'm a Schenker freak too, and I think the later models (IMO) sound best.
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    Vintage Modern At Lower Levels Observations

    "The 50W Vintage Modern will put out around 36W(RMS) clean and 50W(RMS) when driven, just like the old JTM45s. Other 50W Marshalls put out 50W (RMS) clean then more when driven. The 100W VM put outs 77W (RMS) clean and 100W (RMS) when driven."

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