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    Descendents / All

    I always find when i'm trying to turn people onto Descendents, I like food is a good song to start with. Most people know that from the movie Pump Up The Volume. SO it's fun and familiar to them. Then i hit them with Suburban Home, Clean Sheets, Bikeage etc. Descendents are like the punk rock...
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    Descendents / All

    I want to be stereotyped. I want to be classified! :dude:
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    Where can i find out more about this attenuator you're making?

    Where can i find out more about this attenuator you're making?
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    Discount for a vintage 8 hole PA vs 4 hole

    I have a 69 Super PA and a 1970 Super PA and this is what I do. One set of 4 holes is 2203 Spec, the other is Super Lead Spec! I LOVE the Super PAs!
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    This sux - getting a pacemaker

    Lots of fun on here and people giving positive energy, and that's awesome! On a serious note.. I had a heart attack at 42. I had 100% blockage. Ended up with three stints. Having heart issues can really fuck with your head. Especially doing Cardiac Rehab. You're in there with a bunch of REALLY...
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    Asking For Opinions From Little Evidence: JTM Super PA

    Can't offer any opinion on the amp other than I have a 69 and a 70 Super PA, and I love those damn things!
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    How Many Guitars Do You Want?

    It's like women... All of them!
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    Building A Marshall Style Power Amp For Slaving ...and Suggestions

    Sounds like a cool project. I know a lot of the Kemper guys, want a power amp to plug that thing into to give it a real amp feel.
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    Code Heads Blowout Pricing At Sweetwater

    Maybe people have actually played one.
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    How Many Guitars Do You "need"?

    Gibsons with humbuckers in E, E flat and C. Backup in case of string break in E Gibsons with P-90s in E, E flat and C. Backup in case of string break in E Two acoustic guitars. One as a backup. Maybe one parlor sized. One Jazz and one P bass. Two fenders with single coils. Either Jazzmaster...
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    This Is An Interesting Marshall

    Says it's a 74 Superlead. Small logo, elephant tolex, no corners, but the kicker is it only has two input jacks. So is it a master volume? I would think they blew it on the year, or maybe a replacement shell. But the thing that's throwing me off is the switches and the pilot light.
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    Help Buying A 1969 Super Bass

    That's a cool amp man. Congrats!
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    Replacment Headshell For Jmp

    I've had good luck with Mojo, Sourmash and Splawn. Although one of them (not sure which one) wrote a Bible chapter and verse number inside the headshell. Thought that was kinda weird.
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    Alex’s Attenuator?

    I've tried a bunch of attenuators and hated them all until I tried an Aracom. Picked it up used for $500. I think it's TOTALLY WORTH IT! I have one and am looking to get another.
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    Ppivmv On Existing Master Volume Knob?

    That worked perfectly! Thanks!