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    Work Bathroom Etiquette

    Fundamental rule if there's two guys there: No talking until you both reach the hand basins. Two women? A man and a woman? - I have no data on those cases!
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    Simple Attenuators - Design And Testing

    Following on from above, here's a diagram for those who love diagrams: This the calculated response of a basic 8 Ohm M2, driven from an 8 ohm amp tap (based on my VM), stepping through all the attenuation steps from full volume down to nominally -31 db. 'db inc' is the difference from the...
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    Simple Attenuators - Design And Testing

    Hi Gene, I looked at that before, to try to work out a set of values to buy from typical Chinese sellers - see the first diagram. I went for 5 Ohm at R8 and the diagram shows R7 staying at 33 Ohm. Theres no tonal consequence (less than 0.1db at any frequency) but it shifts the attenuation down...
  4. M2 8 ohm response.jpg

    M2 8 ohm response.jpg

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    SV20c questions

    Hi Gene, Id like to see those! are you still able to point a link to those comments? J
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    Simple Attenuators - Design And Testing

    Aluminium is all good, whether its die-cast or extruded. Its about 5x as conductive as steel, and probably 2x as thick in a given application, so 10x better. So between those two AL cases, it all comes down to the thickness of the material and the surface area. My belief is that the...
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    Simple Attenuators - Design And Testing

    That's a shame! I would have looked very nice Im happy with the Hammond styles for mine, and the box 'lid' is the base which looks a bit better i think due to the slight taper of the sides. These boxes also give you continuous Aluminium for what is then the top and sides, to get max conduction...
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    Simple Attenuators - Design And Testing

    Hi @Gert-Jan van der Heiden . That looks like a really nice build, clean and simple and I like the 3d coil-mount gadget. Just on the order of stages, yes you can reorder them and it makes no significant difference. A little history.... At the start of the thread, you can see the previous...
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    I need a way to boost the VOLUME of an already od boosted JCM800

    Just throwing out some thoughts: So if im following this right, there's plenty of volume available, but a pure volume change is wanted for solo/rythym transitions without changing tone? or maybe both are already driving the amp so more front end push doesn't add volume? Also, noted: the desire...
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    New Harley Benton PA-250 Attenuator

    Yes you should do it! (but keep the day job!). You'll see how easy it is to build the perfect attenuator. BTW, if you do, a voice coil is not the right thing to use in our design. A simple air-coil of the right value and low resistance is the go.
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    Simple Attenuators - Design And Testing

    ok, I can have a go at working that out. Another reason not to go down to 20ga is to control resistance, which we don't really want in the coils.
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    DSL401 dead - no sound

    Yep! that's the key question! The classic issue with these amps is the rectifier that supplies the heaters that make these glow. Note V1 is inside a metal screen.
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    Simple Attenuators - Design And Testing

    Hi @Gene Ballzz , I think the case looks good for the basic versions, given some planning . Would it need some components on the top and on the bottom in order to fit? It's not huge in surface real-estate. On the coils, I think both those values are within range of the sweet spot sych that...
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    Simple Attenuators - Design And Testing

    Hi @lwgramith , Im very happy that you got it going! My hunch from the various readings is it was some kind of short to ground, maybe between stages 1 and 2.
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    Simple Attenuators - Design And Testing

    hi @lwgramith , you're in good hands with Gene. If a problem does not quickly become apparent, I'd suggest to do a little temporary rewiring and one more set of tests. Test 3 check that everything that should be 'grounded' (ie connected to the sleeve lugs of the jacks, though it's not a real...

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