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  • Hi JohnH how are you? Sorry to bother, but do you have the email of user Johnt techs? For the DSL 401 FX loop mod.
    Thanks a lot!
    Best regards
    Hi John - I've been looking online for mods for the Marshall DSL401 (UK) and came across your posts. I don't mean to bug you but since you had a mod to pump up ther reverb, is there something I can do to stop it from becoming more pronounced in the OD modes? Thanks very much. Dennis
    Hi John, I have been reading some of your past posts about the DSL heat issues. When you attached your heat sink did you use a screw, or just some thermal glue? It was actual glue - correct? Not thermal paste/compound? I never knew there were so many ways to attach a heat sink. Any advice is appreciated. I’m getting ready to order some parts for the amp. Thanks.
    Hi John ,
    I was hoping for a little guidance on creating a the low pass cable you made for the FX Loop on a DSL401
    JohnH, I read a your post from around July 2011 about modding the gain caps on an mg50, but there was no link to your schematic or directions. I very much want to tame the gain on my mg50. I'm new to forums but is there a way you can send that to me? Thanks , GettinBetter1
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