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    Model '1972' 2X12 cabinet: dimensions wanted

    Thanks Ned. How do you like it? I'm thinking of fixing the speakers diagonally instead of straight like in the original.
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    Model '1972' 2X12 cabinet: dimensions wanted

    Hello, I am looking for the exact dimensions of the stock number 1972 vertical 2X12 cabinet (made from 1968). Rare as a hen's teeth, so I was hoping any one you could fill me in on the dimensions? (Photo for reference) Thank you!
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    Attenuator Thread

    I've used many attenuators of various types. Currently swear by Waza Tube Amp Expander - it's the perfect piece of kit, both live and in the studio. Similar to Fryette, but more versatile. Before I had: - Rivera rock Crusher (very good) - Bugera PS1 (crap) - Dr Z Brake Lite (good for live use...
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    FOR SALE Drake 50 784-139 watt Output transformers (1990)

    Hello, I'm selling 2 Drake 50 watt 784-139 OT's, dated 6/90. Fully tested and working. Primary Impedance 3k3 - el34 50watt - Center Tap: brown Secundary impedance: - yellow: 4 ohm - green: 8 ohm - grey: 16 ohm - orange: common Price for 1 transformer = 350 EUR. contact me for shipping rates.
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    What is the Value of this Amp?

    I sell a lot on Reverb. Works great. Of course, there is a fee (which I think is just as right), but you will sell easier there then anywhere else. If you dont like the hassle of dealing with buyers and shipping etc, you could try selling it to a vintage guitar dealer - but your profits will be...
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    What is the Value of this Amp?

    Oh my... Definately a 'Black Flag' JTM 'Super PA' 100, made (or at least inspected) March 1969. Very rare and valuable. How valuable? Well, whatever someone wants to pay for it, but surely in the EUR 3000 - 4500 range (in Europe, may be more in the US). I would replace the badge with somehing...
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    Aging a new Marshall logo - my experiments

    Thanks for the ideas! And yes, the modern logos are tough... Marshall, what can I say: built like a tank!
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    What input do you use ??

    On my '74 1986: Top left, no jumpering. (Jumping?) Volume 1: around 5 On my '69 1987: Top left, jumpered. Volume 1: 4-6 Volume 2: 2-4 Running through 2x V30's (UK made, 2010) Always attenuated using a Boss/Waza TAE. < a must have by the way.
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    Aging a new Marshall logo - my experiments

    Thanks, helpful info, Neikeel! My amp is rounded lip, as you can see. I have tested another route: I noticed that the 6" logo from my Origin combo is MUCH less white than the aftermarket ones. So, I detached it from the combo and put it on the JMP (same spacing). Behold: looks pretty good...
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    Aging a new Marshall logo - my experiments

    H Hi, Faceplace is original - it's actually all bent in the left corner (but held in place by the cabinet). Good to know yours has a gold logo. I've seen both on '69s. Not sure what is 'correct', or if they both were used in '69. Maybe someone here knows.
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    Anybody use an attenuator with their Origin amp?

    I have an Origin 20 combo. I have used a Bugera PS with it in the past, but don't really feel the need to these days. The amp can go fairly quiet on itself, and with a band, I find myself setting it on 10 watts without attenuator. It's really not a plexi-sounding amp, so no 'Brown-sound' to be...
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    Aging a new Marshall logo - my experiments

    Hi guys, Like many of you, I suppose, I'm stuck with a vintage head missing its original badge/logo. Mine is a model 1987 from October 1969. It came with a modern day official Marshall 6" script logo. But as you know, that looks way too white and clean! So I took to some experimenting. (I could...
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    1969 50 watt plexi logo

    So funny: I just snapped my own replica-logo during my attempts to 'age' it! Serves me right! :lol: That being said, I'm quite happy with my experiments. They involved shoe-shine, sawdust, coffee and -secret ingredient - mortar mix. Here are some pictures (I may make a separate post of this, it...
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    1969 50 watt plexi logo

    Could you tell us why exactly you snapped the logo in two? Accidentally I take it?
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    '69 small box JMP - FEET!

    Excellent info! So cool you even have the vintage spare-parts catalogue... You got it bad, my friend - in a good way! :-)

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