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    I need a speaker recommendation

    Holler at @Scumback Speakers - Jim has a wide range of Celestion clones in multiple wattage ratings and has a great questionnaire for helping with getting you the right fit. Russ
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    Post pics of your jam room

    Some mighty fine rooms featured here with lust worthy gear! I put mine back together [sorta] after the guitar show. Less than half of the household speaker cabs though. Russ
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    New Cab Day approaches...... But from where?

    Where are you located? Check out the local woodstores - Rocklers, Woodcraft and such - for someone who could build you what you want. There isn't anything mystical about speaker cabs. Find a design you like and have one built with the materials you want. Clear pine [no knots], poplar...
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    NAD Marshall 1959slp few questions

    I have that amp and getting the 'good's at a lower volume is a series of compromises. With an Ironman II it is as you described. With an MV on a 1987 it's similar - there is a limit to 'stealing' power going to the speakers and a good sound. I use a combination of cloth covered couch, or my...
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    G12H-75 Cream Thiele Small Parameters

    From Celestion - search 'thiele' and this comes up - Thinking of using Thiele/Small parameters to design a guitar speaker cab? Think again… When designing a cabinet for guitar speakers, the cabinet’s size, shape and construction are of far higher significance than the internal volume. Guitar...
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    G12H-75 Cream Thiele Small Parameters

    He's asking for the HiFi speaker parameters developed by Thiele & Small that look like this - THIELE & SMALL PARAMETERS Resonant Frequency (fs) 103 Hz DC Resistance (Re) 14 Ω Coil Inductance (Le) 0.7m H Mechanical Q (Qms) 12.51 Electromagnetic Q (Qes) 0.66 Total Q (Qts) 0.63...
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    someone please settle an argument for me

    Minimum nine feet down to keep the cadaver dogs at bay. I doubt you'll be allowed Marshalls in the big house. Russ
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    Pointers on Replacing Grill cloth on JCM 900 1960 cab

    To build on @Mathews Guitars vise grip suggest I add a pair of boards to clamp across the width of the cloth evenly and add a foot stretcher to aid in getting the cloth tight. Russ
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    JTM 45 clone questions

    Remember you're talking to the dude who currently has six empty head cabs, four empty speaker cabs and probably enough wood to build 30 more... I'm doomed but happy...:nuts: Russ
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    JTM 45 clone questions

    @chocol8 , @Gunner64 & @BlueX - y'all are a bunch of enablers! I expect nothing less on this forum. Russ
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    JTM 45 clone questions

    Sorry @mickeydg5 I didn't mean to construe that you were. I'm actually really nervous that this rebuild will be a gateway drug to yet another passion. Russ
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    JTM 45 clone questions

    I bought this for three reasons - first the iron, second I wanted a JTM45 and third it was a consignment sale for the family as the builder had passed. I gave $800. More than I could have but I'm a fan of helping families out. Besides if I was really worried about money I'd never gotten in...
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    JTM 45 clone questions

    Thanks @Dogs of Doom ! I found some relabeled Penta that had the exact same internal structure currently working great. Russ
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    JTM 45 clone questions

    In it's temporary [AKA keep me from bashing the KT66's] home. Naturally the chassis hole spacing isn't standard either. Shouldn't have any ventilation issues with this headshell. Russ
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    BEst atteunator for 1987x

    I have an Ironman II to use on a 1987 & 1959. It's at it's best taking some to medium off the top but at 'whisper' volume it's thin. I tried a TAE and was less impressed as I wasn't recording. There isn't any magic with an attenuator it changes the sound. I use the IM in conjunction with...

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