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    How many guitars have you had in your lifetime?

    I have had nowhere near the number of the OP but enough and over a length of time I have no recollection of what happened to many of them! There are a few that got away and I wish I could get back. I would guess 30-40 over the last 40+ years with 12-15 at any given time.
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    Import Jackson Project

    Gotcha, if that neck is conventional Charvel/Jackson the closest Floyd nut to the radius and 1 11/16 is an R10. The R10 is a .240 height which is different than other Floyd nuts, adjust your shelf height accordingly. I'm looking forward to seeing the final incarnation!
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    Import Jackson Project

    Looks good, you may consider the behind the nut locking devices that Charvel/Jackson used. Either for the JT6 or Kahler. There is a corresponding truss rod cover that will require no further modification other than those to mount the lock device.
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    Old School Texan

    Welcome, nice to have you here.
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    It certainly looks as though you are making progress and it will soon be making noise. You have a variety of resistors there. Did you have a specific tolerance that you were willing to accept before you would replace one and how did they fare? The 290-0-290 PT should be more than enough as long...
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    Starting a 2204 build

    Looks like a great project! I'll be following along so keep us updated.
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    Mercury Magnetics - long lead time?

    Transformers and many components have become more difficult to get. I ceased to use MM long ago as I did not find them superior to other manufacturers . They were always much more expensive and took a while to ship. My experience lately is if you want something specific it may be a long wait...
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    Where to buy tubes in uk that’s reputable?

    I'm not sure the issue you're trying to fix is a tube but I have had good luck with Watford Valves who are in the UK.
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    Ken as a teen worked at what became Marshall Amplification for months, let that marinate. I'm certain I could teach him something as he could me. The only difference is my willingness to share what I have learned. I don't give him a pass. His opinions of someone's ability to learn mean nothing...
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    Once again Ken shares knowledge gleaned from a years of tube amp repair, maintenance and design. His willingness to assist those less than able to understand that they will never succeed is admirable.:applause:
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    Heavy love …Leslie speakers.

    Matt O'Ree has done some YouTube stuff with his amps through pretty modified Leslie. Always loved a B3 with a Leslie.
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    Olivia Newton John 73 RIP...

    Way to young for this pretty and talented lady.
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    '77 JMP 100W MKII Red Plating

    I agree with you Pete and think voltages throughout the amp are likely lowered by the bias drawing excessive current. I was curious if this hypothesis is supported by these readings.
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    '77 JMP 100W MKII Red Plating

    400v or a bit less would be correct for a 50w in that time frame but not certain on the 100W. How do the pre-amp voltages look. I would think they would be low as well if the PT is weak. I would also think the filaments could be lower than expected but would be dependent on what is actually...
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    RIP Vin Scully

    He was one of a kind! A national day of mourning should be declared and it should be a holiday moving forward. I would even be willing to compromise and like Washington and Lincoln, combine Vin Scully and Chick Hearn Days into one.