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    Anybody else hate brown JCM fretcloth?

    All of the faded to tan Marshall grill cloth that I am ever seen revealed all of the beer stains on them and just looked bad over all.
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    Amplify the 1 watt amps

    Who in this thread opened a portal to The Gear Page? They should be banned...
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    Amplify the 1 watt amps

    Why does every good thread have to become an epic fail...
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    Massive auction of Gary Moore's gear. Lots of old Marshalls

    Huh, seemed like a lot of stuff you could find on a Craig'slist search. Or in my basement. Now if they were auctioning his talent and creativity, I'd be all in!
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    How's this for some early Plexi action?

    Not at all! I could not believe what I was watching and hearing. I was speechless for all the wrong reasons...
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    Western Electric considering adding more tubes to their current USA production

    I find it interesting that once the prices went up, everyone says they are going to get in the game - mostly because at the current prices, money can be made. Would they be doing this to sell $12 12AX7 tubes and such? I hope they can succeed - really, I do. However, how many examples in history...
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    Sayings that make no sense

    This is the first one that came to my mind! It always invalidates everything else that comes out of the user's mouth for me...
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    Hot Mod V2 EVO in Studio Classic!

    The LM has a gain pot and a two position switch for bass cut.
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    Hot Mod V2 EVO in Studio Classic!

    I figured that since the Lynch Mod version is hand wired (reason it was a limited run) it might be easier to change the voicing. From what I was told by the creator, every thing else is on a PCB - no way do I want to fool with that. In fact, I will not even mess with my Lynch Mod. I just don't...
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    Hot Mod V2 EVO in Studio Classic!

    I really like the Lynch Mod version in my 2203x because of the gain pot on that version. But I have to admit that I REALLY like the tone you are getting with that V2. If they did a gain pot on that version, I would be all in!
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    JCM 800 front plate?

    It might be easier to find pointer knobs...
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    Marshall JMP1C -Thoughts?

    All of the 50th anniversary 1-watt Marshalls are decent for what they are. I kept my JCM-1 and JCM-1C. However, what I did notice is that OT transformer size is a thing. I run my 4010 (2204), 1987x and 2203x at 2 or 4 watts respectively on 6AK6 tubes using some special tube adapters. At low...
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    Faceplate peeling on 4010 combo

    Guess it won't ever come off now ;-)
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    Faceplate peeling on 4010 combo

    I don't know how you can remove those without bending and ruining them.
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    Cranked 2204 with OD/Gain pedals doesn't sound good

    I always have mixed feeling on Lynch's tone. Sounds decent in the context of some songs but I always felt that it was too compressed. I was thinking of taking my Lynch Mod apart and tweaking the voicing on it since it's hand wired but a lot of that can be done through the front panel EQ or EQ in...