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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the forum!
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    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now ??

    Glad if I pointed you in that direction. This is an experience that should not be missed.
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    Simple Attenuators - Design And Testing

    Maybe post # 2,207 on page 111 (!) answers your question:
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    NAD JTM45 Reissue

    HNAD! I wouldn't mind to trade places with you.
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    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now ??

    This one, but on vinyl
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    So now we all need to buy a Tesla do we ?

    Worldwide, as far as I know. Diesel price in Sweden (SEK/litre) - Late 2019: 16,00 (pre-pandemic) - May 2020: 13,20 (mid-pandemic) - Jun 2021: 16,50 (late-pandemic) - Jan 2022: 21,00 (pre-war) - Jun 2022: 27,00 (now)
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    NGD - Warmoth HH Telecaster Build with Gotoh 510 Tremolo

    HNGD, that's a stylish Tele! I like the finish on that ash body, matches the hardware well. Good idea to have the cavity on the back, and no pickguard. The dark rim looks wider on the photo "head on" (#2) compared to photos #1 and #4.
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    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now ??

    NVD (New Vinyl Day), Led Zeppelin LP's: - Scandinavian Broadcasts 1969 - Live at Fillmore West in San Fransisco 24th of April 1969 - Jimmy Page Birthday at Royal Albert Hall 9 January 1970 I think I've heard all recordings before, but now I've got 'em on vinyl. Putting an LP on the turntable...
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    What's better for lower tunings? DSL or Studio? (lower than D Standard)

    I prefer my DSL20HR, over my SV20H, for drop D or drop C with my superstrat (but in this area I'm definitely an amateur)
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    Recommendations for good tolex glue?

    Saw your post. I live outside US and cannot help you. Maybe you have a better chance to get answers with a new thread, with a well explaining title.
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    Hello all!

    Welcome to the forum! +1 on this. We love pictures, on gear and other stuff.
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    Hi folks and greetings from Europe!

    Welcome to the forum, and greetings from a fellow European!
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    4x12 Cover That Can Be Removed While Amp Head On Top?

    Maybe you got a business idea, for a product that might sell. Or maybe it doesn't exist because there is no need. I'm not aware of such a product.
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    NGD - 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom

    HNGD, what a beauty! Hope the refretting and new nut work out well.
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    Pawn Shop Tele

    Yeah, it's way off. High e string much closer to fret board edge then the low E string at the pocket (unless photos taken at an angle). Neck pickup doesn't seem to match strings either.