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    RIP Dan McCafferty

    Just read that Dan McCafferty, long time lead singer of Nazareth, has passed away. Sad news! I guess I was 11 years old when their first two popular albums came out. A freind's older brother got them, and Dan's singing was the coolest thing I ever heard. Still love their songs. Thanks for your...
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    My 1st tele, part 4 – Mod’s and poll

    Last year I bought a cheap tele build kit to get experience on guitar building, modifications, setup, and maintenance, but of course also to get another nice guitar. The kit came with mahogany body, mahogany neck with Indian Laurel fretboard, and all components. First version was butterscotch...
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    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now ??

    Revisiting "Are You Experienced" (I was 5 years old when this masterpiece was released)
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    NGD: My first Gibson in years!

    That's more like it! Guess you can live with the marks in the fretboard, if it plays well and sounds good.
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    Bleaching alder to look like ash

    Thanks! I looked into different ways to do the light, translucent centre part of a sunburst, and there seems to be many differenty ways. Staining the wood and then cover with clear coat is of course one. Stumbled upon a YT video from Driftwood Guitars where they made a burst finish like this...
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    Tres hombres..........ONE LEFT STANDING

    I like it even more from the close-up picture. You may share more pic's.
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    Help pick pups & rings on my Tribute - with poll

    Since bridge and stop bar are chrome (or nickel) I think chrome rings goes well together with those (instead of all black). Another option is of course to buy two more Tributes. The Studio looks really good.
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    Tres hombres..........ONE LEFT STANDING

    Put my vote (finally) on faded copper. All three look great, but SB and red are quite common. At least to me the FC is more unusual, and I think that colour will win in the long run.
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    Tres hombres..........ONE LEFT STANDING

    Difficult decision, everytime I'm about to cast a vote I change my mind. Doesn't help you, sorry.
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    A few weeks late, but NGD for me!

    HNGD! Those are two very nice LP's.
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    Bleaching alder to look like ash

    I think you're correct about this (not 100% sure on English terms here). Lye is used to stabilise pine to avoid aging, but will probably not bleach the current colour/tone of the wood. By the way, I gave up on bleaching. Difficult to get some of the chemicals here in Europe (strict legislatioon...
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    NGD: My first Gibson in years!

    HNGD! That's a nice LP, glad to hear it's got sound quality as well. Do you know the year it was made?
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    NGD: My first Gibson in years!

    Only solution to that problem
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    Why didn't I think of that? Digital Tremelo Whammy Bar!

    ...and a robot tuner in the other end
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    Building Nordström 5E3 kit, speaker choice, and some workbench equip

    Thanks for asking! The delivery was not complete, but I sorted that out now with the supplier. Arranged my soldering gear, etc., so expect to start this weekend (evenings getting really dark now). I will take my time, but will post up-dates with pictures as I proceed.

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